IPS HydroCoil

IPS HydroCoil™
Best-in-class stator coils for hydro generator rewinds.

HydroCoil is our premium, stator coil offering for hydro generator rewinds up to up to 15 kV and 50 MW.  It was developed by hydro utility and IPS engineers to maximize stator winding reliability and exceed IEEE 1553-2002 and IEEE 1147-2005 hydro industry testing & rehabilitation standards.  HydroCoil™ is a B-Stage, resin-rich stator coil that consists of the following:

  • IPS patent-pending HydroCoil design & specification
  • Documented design thru extensive qualification testing, including but not limited to:
    • IEEE 1310 Thermal Cycling
      » 500 Cycles X 90 minutes, 40˚C – 155˚C
    • IEEE 1043 Voltage Endurance
      » 400 Hours @ 30 kV
      » 250 Hours @ 35 kV
  • Optimized HydroCoil stator coil manufacturing process
    • Resulting in a void and wrinkle-free ground wall

Complete hydro generator experience and capabilities

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