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Electric Motor & Generator Repair
in Rock Springs, WY

The IPS Rock Springs Service Center offers single-source electric motor repair services and plant maintenance for the region’s continuous process industries, including mining, power generation, metals and agg & cement. We provide AC & DC motor and generator repair, electric motor and generator testing, and repair and rebuilding on mechanical components, including centrifuge repair and hydraulic cylinder stroking, and large trunnion and thrust roll remanufacturing and rebuilding. IPS Rock Springs provides electric motor repair and maintenance services throughout Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Nevada.

IPS Rock Springs is committed to IPS Lean, our corporate culture of continuous improvement, which applies Lean principles within our service environment.  This ongoing investment in eliminating waste from our processes, use of space and inventories improves safety and quality.  It also takes the industry’s best lead times and makes them even better. These principles apply to everything we do at IPS Rock Springs, from NEMA motors up to the "Big Iron" — large and extra large motors and generators.


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MegaSeal™ rewind
of compressor motor »
EnduraSeal® rewind
of synchronous motor »
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Rewind Technologies

  • EnduraSeal® VPI to 6.6 kV
  • MegaSeal™ VPI to 15 kV
  • IntegraSeal™ B-Stage Coils to 15 kV

At a Glance

  • Service and repair for AC & DC motors up to 10,000 HP
  • 30-ton lifting capability
  • 6’ VPI tank
  • New dedicated small motor (<=600 VAC) repair cell
  • MSHA certification for mining motor repair.
  • On-site hydro generator rewind and maintenance


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UL Certified
Green Motors Practices Group Certified



EASA Member