Wind Line Reactors

IPS Line Reactor Exchange Program

Our exchange program cuts unplanned downtime and unnecessary capital investment.

IPS Line Reactor Exchange Program

Need a line reactor now? IPS has exchange units available for immediate delivery, with significant reliability upgrades.

Improved design and rewinds

IPS engineers assessed line reactor problems with root case analysis before developing new standards for remanufacturing. Our design and rewind upgrades deliver better dielectric performance and heat transfer through the inductors, for higher breakdown voltages, more efficiency and longer service life.

  •  Exchange units available for immediate delivery
    • GE part no. 121X1220FC01
    • Hitran part no. ZP0015-80
  • IPS upgrades include:
    • Increased thermal rating
    • Additional cooling ducts
    • Increase in copper conductor
    • Impedance within 1% of rating
  • 1-year warranty

How the exchange program works

We remanufacture failed line reactors to IPS engineering specifications and add a one-year warranty. When you place an order, IPS adds a core deposit for the failed unit.

You have 15 days to return your failed unit to IPS. Once we’ve inspected and approved the returned unit for repair, it becomes a replacement unit and IPS issues a credit for the core charge.

We have units in stock to minimize your downtime — call 1.888.684.6200 to request a quote or talk to your IPS sales representative.

IPS Line Reactor Exchange Program

Remanufactured line reactor, including IPS upgrades ready for shipment. (Pictured: Upgraded line reactor for GE 1.5, 1.5S and 1.5SLE turbines)

IPS Line Reactor Exchange Program

Exchange units in stock for immediate delivery

IPS Line Reactor Exchange Program

All line reactors are tested before and after remanufacture

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.