IPS Advantages

IPS Advantages

IPS offers engineering, technical resources and industry-specific experience other electrical apparatus service providers can’t match, with one standard for safety, quality, service and value — coast to coast.

We specialize in the service and repair of large and extra-large electric motors and generators.

IPS specializes in Large and Extra-large motor repair

100% coverage of your electric motor needs

One meeting with us covers all your electric motor management needs — small through large to extra-large. We have the single-source capabilities to service, repair or replace, depending on what’s best for you.Learn More »

Industry-specific experience

We work in power generation (wind, hydro, nuclear and fossil), oil and gas, paper, metals, steel and mining. Our repair and service technicians understand rotating assets and work closely with IPS engineers to solve problems.Learn More »

Comprehensive testing and diagnostics

We use a range of industry-standard electrical tests to evaluate assets, guide predictive and preventive maintenance, and document the performance and reliability improvements of our in-shop repairs and field services.

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Premium rewind technologies up to 15 kV

IPS offers both VPI engineered insulation systems and B-stage hard coils, combining advanced materials with manufacturing innovations for industry-leading performance and reliability, and a lower total cost of ownership.Learn More »

Industry-leading warranties

Nobody rewinds like IPS, so nobody matches our warranties. Our premium VPI engineered insulation systems — PowerSeal™ up to 7.2 kV and MegaSeal™ up to 13.8 kV — come a standard, industry-leading five-year warranty.Learn More »

Dedicated field services

Our field service technicians show up with the industry-specific experience you need. They know your motors and generators, understand your operating issues, and have the technical resources to solve your maintenance and reliability problems.Learn More »

Heavyweight engineering capabilities

IPS engineers support CIPS, our operating system. These industry veterans work closely with our technicians and customers to troubleshoot motor problems, improve reliability and increase horsepower without changing the footprint.Learn More »

Local, regional and national support

Each IPS location is a gateway to our coast-to-coast network of in-house repair, field services and distribution. Our interoperable teams scale up to provide emergency response services and outage management to minimize your unplanned downtime.Learn More »

Longstanding relationships with leading OEMs

IPS works closely with the leading electric motor and generator OEMs, offering authorized warranty repair plus access to OEM drawings and parts. We also offer exchange units for Dodge TXT, servo motors, and wind generators and line reactors.Learn More »

A culture of continuous improvement

No other electrical apparatus service provider has an operating system comparable to CIPS. This is the way we deliver the industry’s best safety and quality, at a competitive price, with lead times nobody else in the industry even tries to match.Learn More »

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.