Swiger Coil Systems is now part of IPS

IPS acquired Swiger Coil Systems in April 2024. Swiger has always been a preferred supplier, and we are proud to add their coil manufacturing and traction motor expertise to our single-source capabilities.

Swiger’s operations and associates in Cleveland, Ohio, are now part of the IPS global network of service centers, field service offices, distribution facilities, and strategic warehousing. If you’re an existing Swiger customer, we look forward to introducing you to the IPS Unmatched Customer Experience.

Discover more about IPS services for electromechanical, power management, and rotating equipment below.

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IPS coil and traction motor capabilities

Swiger coils, traction motor refurbishment, contract manufacturing, and remanufacturing are available as IPS products and services. We design, engineer, and manufacture the following coils to meet OEM specifications and our in-house rewinds:

  • Armature coils
  • Stator coils
  • Field coils
  • Edge wound coils
  • Solenoid coils
  • Special transformer coils
  • High-energy coils

Bringing coil manufacturing in-house gives IPS complete control over our rewind quality and lead times, ensuring reliability for our customers.

Complete traction motor testing, repair, and remanufacturing

Swiger’s Cleveland location is part of IPS’s traction motor repair network, serving customers in passenger transit, locomotive transportation, and mining markets across North America and the United Kingdom. Swiger adds expertise with the following equipment:

  • Rotors
  • Traction motors
    • Refurbishment and remanufacturing
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Traction motor parts replacement
    • Freight traction motor refurbishment
  • GE and EMD-style motors
  • OEM motors
  • DC compressor, blower, and fan motor refurbishment

Our in-shop remanufacturing handles all electromechanical, power management, and rotating equipment to add value and streamline our customers’ vendor management.

The industry authority on rewinds

IPS offers a complete portfolio of global VPI and B-stage hard coil rewinds. Our premium rewinds power over 20,000 high and medium voltage motors — running in harsh industrial environments with zero failures.

We engineer our premium rewinds to deliver better-than-new performance and back them with industry-leading 5-year warranties. The portfolio includes:

  • MegaSeal™ VPI engineered insulation system for stators from 6.6 kV to 15 kV
  • PowerSeal™ VPI engineered insulation system for stators from 1 kV to 7.2 kV
  • WindGuard™ Class H rewind for wind turbine generators, with a 60-year log life aging curve
  • HydroCoil™ premium B-stage hard coils for hydro generators up to 15 kV and 50 MW

IPS engineering improves operating reliability

IPS engineers and technicians work closely to develop fleet-level solutions. We offer a proven process for troubleshooting and improving reliability across operations.

Our engineering services include:

  • Application consulting
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and analytics
  • RCFA investigation and reporting
  • Design and reverse engineering
  • Engineered solutions
  • Remanufacturing

IPS’s track record of reliability positions us as the top choice for companies that can’t afford unplanned downtime.

CIPS — Engineered to deliver the Unmatched Customer Experience

CIPS (Continuous Improvement Process System) is our operating system. It employs metrics and standardized processes to deliver fleet-level quality across the IPS North American network. This system meets or exceeds the most stringent standards, incorporating the requirements of ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001. Our combined certifications and accreditations include:

  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Compliant
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified by TUV USA
  • UL142 Certified
  • UL891 Certified
  • NETA Accredited
  • NASI/NETA Testing Certified
  • NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Certified
  • NFPA110 Testing Certified

A master distributor with national, regional, and local inventories

We’re a master distributor for key OEMs, with extensive inventories and a network of surplus and used equipment suppliers. IPS has what you need in stock, or we’ll find it fast.

In addition to our new product sales and exchange unit programs, we buy used and surplus equipment. We also offer complete distribution services:

  • Design, manufacturing, assembly, modification, and fabrication
  • Short production runs of replacement parts
  • Fleet-level motor modifications
  • Equipment bunded with delivery, installation, and commissioning

IPS’s track record of reliability positions us as the top choice for companies that can’t afford unplanned downtime.

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