IPS remanufacturing — The advantages of custom low-volume production

IPS offers remanufacturing when the customer has no commercial alternative. We remanufacture electric motors & generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution equipment for various reasons:

  • New or legacy equipment can’t handle the application requirements or operating conditions
  • The OEM has gone out of business or no longer supports the equipment
  • The customer doesn’t want used reconditioned equipment
  • The customer can’t accommodate OEM lead times for new equipment

Once you’ve established the need for remanufacturing, IPS responds with the tools to do the job. We can spend more time on the engineering — and we engineer for the application.

To discuss your application requirements and operating conditions, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Industry-specific experience with failed equipment

IPS service centers see a wide variety of failed equipment. This gives our engineers and technicians a wide, deep knowledge base — we know why equipment fails and how to prevent it.

We uprate for more horsepower or efficiency. We also over-spec and machine to tighter tolerances to eliminate vibration and heat build-up.

The baseline is OEM spec, but better design and materials means we deliver better than new.

See IPS manufacturing quality for yourself. To visit an IPS service center, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS rewind technologies — Validated design and materials

We offer a complete portfolio of engineered insulation systems and B-stage hard coils. Our premium VPI rewinds have a zero-failure record across North America, with your choice of uprated horsepower or efficiency.

Our engineers have validated our design, materials, and manufacturing with extensive in-house and third-party design qualification testing. They can recommend the rewind to mitigate electrical, thermal, mechanical, and environmental stress on your stator windings.

Remanufacturing for power distribution equipment

IPS remanufactures customer-supplied circuit breakers, switchgear, and related parts. Our electrical engineers provide protective relay testing, power factor testing, and other diagnostics to validate remanufactured equipment.

For more on our custom-engineered solutions, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs