IPS customized unit exchange for underground AC & DC mining motors

IPS customizes unit exchange programs for underground AC & DC mining motors, with exchange and repair of failed units. We also carry an inventory of underground motors rebuilt to OEM print with OEM components when available.

Motors requiring X-Proof certification receive a new current recertification. IPS repairs all mining motors — above ground and below ground — with current explosion-proof recertification.

Our in-shop remanufacturing technicians also measure and record all explosion-proof motor components fits.

IPS has the mining motors you need

We customize unit exchange programs with the following:

  • Compressor motors
  • Conveyor motors
  • Crusher motors
  • Cutter motors
  • Dryer motors
  • Fan motors
  • Feeder motors
  • Gathering head motors
  • Hoist motors
  • Pump motors
  • Roof bolt motors
  • AC & DC traction motors

Mining motor service and repair

IPS offers decades of experience with rebuilding and repairing underground mine motors, plus veteran mining motor technicians. All IPS services for mining motors are available throughout our North American network.

Experience matters. You can see these OEM motors in our service centers on a daily basis:

  • Brookville
  • Caterpillar/Bucyrus
  • FairChild
  • Fletcher
  • Joy
  • Stamler
  • Superior
  • New motors (including non-NEMA frame motors)

IPS also provides MSHA-certified infield troubleshooting assistance, with surface support and troubleshooting, balancing, and infrared thermography.

For more information, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs