IPS PowerSeal™ Insulation System

The PowerSeal™  rewind electrical insulation system is designed to perform in the most severe environments, while offering performance and durability benefits.

PowerSeal™ Windings Reduce Downtime and Reconditioning Costs

PowerSeal™ Windings Reduce Downtime and Reconditioning Costs THE CHALLENGE A paper mill needed a cost effective, efficient solution for two critical water pump applications. The two motors driving the water pumps are located at the bottom of a 20-foot-deep pit and are frequently exposed to high humidity, containments, and flooding. There is limited space in […]

PowerSeal™ Premium Rewind Improves Motor Reliability

THE CHALLENGE A Midwest coal-fired power plant motor experienced a winding failure caused by high thermal stress from a bearing failure. To prevent future winding failures, the stator was rewound with IPS’s PowerSeal premium electrical insulation system. After three years, the motor experienced damage to both bearings. IPS performed a root cause failure analysis and […]