Managing Emergency Generators With Nonlinear Loads

In this paper we will be focusing on the harmonic distortion that occurs in an emergency power solution. The source of this harmonic distortion will be specifically from nonlinear loads. By the end of this paper you will be able to understand the effects of nonlinear loads and its advantages, enabling you to create better […]

Power Up with A Load-Management System: Setting Up a Load-Management System Part 3

There can be many differences between load-management systems, but common design practices and setup procedures can be applied to most systems and applications. The following are functional descriptions, configuration tips and example scenarios for some of the more common techniques for load management: Startup shed Generator online load add kW capacity load add Engine failure […]

Power Up with A Load-Management System: Setting Up a Load-Management System Part 2

While load-management setup is application-specific and depends on facility engineers to determine triggers to activate load management, there are four questions to answer in the process that are consistent for any setup: Which loads need to be managed? What is the load priority order? How will the loads be shed? How is load shed coordinated?

Power Up with A Load-Management System: Identifying Load-Management System Applications Part 1

Load-management systems can improve flexibility, versatility and power quality of a power generation system. This three-part series explores tips for setting up load-management systems along with guidelines for seven load-management methods. This first installment focuses on appropriate applications of load-management systems where controlling load priorities can improve power quality to critical loads.

Gas Generator Set Performance Characteristics

Over the past 15 years, there have been numerous performance developments in gas generator set technology to improve fuel efficiency, reduce exhaust NOx emissions and increase ratings. These key development characteristics combined with incentives to develop renewable energy biogas fuel sources have moved the industry forward to consider gas generator sets as the preferred electrical […]

Digital Communications in Electrical Generating Systems

Today, electrical generation systems are rarely used as isolated, stand-alone systems. More often, they need to communicate with peripheral devices, other generation systems, building-management systems or remote monitors. As a result, there are a number of technologies used to enable communication between electrical generation systems and other equipment. If you’re involved in specifying, installing or […]