Asset Storage and Maintenance Management Protects Investments

Asset Storage and Maintenance Management Protects Investments


For ten years, a petrochemical customer was storing a critical spare motor onsite at their facility; during that time, the motor was never maintained to ensure proper operation. When the customer experienced motor failure on a critical application, they pulled the spare motor out of storage and discovered it wasn’t in good condition and wouldn’t start. Due to the critical application and the lost revenue from unplanned downtime, the motor was sent for a full recondition on overtime rush.


It’s critical that motors in storage are maintained as well as those in production. IPS critical spares storage and management reduces unplanned downtime and protects your investments. We offer professional, documented storage and management; for all your electric and mechanical equipment and parts.

Benefits of IPS storage and maintenance:

  • 630,000+ sq. ft. of dedicated warehouse space throughout North America
  • Up to 70-ton lifting capacity
  • Temperature-and humidity-controlled environment
  • Monthly maintenance with full documentation
  • 24/7 on-call service for fast shipment
  • IPS rewind warranty starts at time of shipment
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