Cryogenic Blasting

Optimize your equipment performance with cryogenic blasting

Over time contaminants and debris can build up on your electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in increased energy costs and potential failure.

Cryogenic ice blasting is the ideal solution to safely clean your equipment in place. This non-toxic cleaning method eliminates waste disposal making it a safe for the environment. It is also non-abrasive – precise enough to clean circuits and control panels, but strong enough to clean windings without damaging insulation.

Benefits of Cryogenic Cleaning:

  • Safe alternative to other blast media or solvent cleaning methods for removing loose surface and chemically bonded contaminants
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-conductive
  • CO2 changes from solid to gas upon impact eliminating hazardous waste disposal
  • Cleans in place without equipment disassembly
  • Used in a wide range of industrial applications
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