IPS Distribution’s Single-Source Capabilities Save Thousands in Downtime Costs


A chemical company experienced a premature failure on a critical compressor motor application. The failed motor was costing the customer $150,000 in downtime, and it would take ten days on full overtime to repair and have it returned to the facility. The lost production would cost the customer $1,500,000.


To avoid costly downtime, the customer decided to quickly purchase and install a stock motor. After several failed attempts to locate a motor in stock that would meet their requirements, they turned to IPS. The IPS Distribution team was able to identify a new motor in stock that was similar to the existing motor, but it needed several modifications to work in the application. After reviewing the solution with the customer, we immediately pulled the motor from stock, engaged with IPS Engineering, and modified it to meet the customers’ requirements. We were able to modify the motor and ship it back to the customer in just three days!

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