Gas Generator Set Performance Characteristics

Over the past 15 years, there have been numerous performance developments in gas generator set technology to improve fuel efficiency, reduce exhaust NOx emissions and increase ratings. These key development characteristics combined with incentives to develop renewable energy biogas fuel sources have moved the industry forward to
consider gas generator sets as the preferred electrical power generation technology for continuous duty applications when paralleled with the utility. In addition, recent expansion of natural gas fuel sources in the United States has resulted in low fuel prices, which is also driving the marketplace to utilize gas generator sets for standby and prime applications typically served by diesel generator sets.

Gas generator set performance improvements have made it difficult to apply modern gas generator sets in standby and prime applications, which require the generator set to react to transient load changes when operating without a utility source.

This white paper aims to provide insight and guidelines to address the performance characteristics found in gas generator sets to help select the correct product for the application.

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