Poultry Industry

Delivering Reliable Solutions for the Poultry Industry

At IPS, we know there are times when it’s more economical to replace a unit than repair it. As part of our single-source capabilities, we back our repair and field services with product and parts distribution sales, whether you need a stainless-steel motor, washdown gearing, or corrosion-resistant parts, we deliver food safe products designed for the poultry industry.

Industry Expertise

We understand the demands of the food and beverage industry and the importance of using products that that meet federal food safety standards. That begins with selecting the correct product for the application. If the wrong product is used it could lead to contamination and product recalls.

IPS has the knowledge and experience to keep your poultry processing applications operating safely and reliably, from de-feathering to refrigeration; we have food safe solutions that can improve the efficiency of your operations while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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