Special Olympics Competition

With just over three weeks to game time, Idaho National Guard hires Diamond Rental, who tasks Kohler Rental with handling all of the event’s power needs. Kohler Rental’s Technical Services and Design team goes to work quickly, with extensive behind-the-scenes planning, to secure the necessary equipment and coordinate the transportation to several of the remote sites throughout Boise. The Kohler drivers safely and swiftly maneuver 48-foot semi-trucks loaded with generators through the mountainous roads.

Windy conditions early in the process cause some temporary problems. “On a windy night, the trucks were literally blown off the road,” says Rick Rutherford of Diamond Rentals. An additional complication arises: preserving the pristine snow conditions of Idaho’s Sun Valley, which necessitates carefully moving the equipment to the site by hand and snowmobile. “It wasn’t easy,” says Rutherford. “But everything was up and ready when it needed to be.”

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