Switchgear maintenance, testing and repair (1000V and Below)

IPS has the people and technology for the job, supporting plant reliability engineers with single-source capabilities that streamline vendor management.

Our technicians test, service and repair all major OEM equipment and discontinued breakers. We combine work on power distribution protection and management with service and repair for VFDs, electric motors and generators.

Low-voltage breaker testing

Our field service technicians follow International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) guidelines for on-site low-voltage breaker testing. Tests include:

  • Power distribution system inspections
  • Visual inspections for signs of age — metal fatigue, loose connections and parts damage
  • Insulation resistance — Megger at 1000V phase to ground and phase to phase for air circuit breakers
  • Contact resistance — testing with digital low-resistance ohmmeter (DLRO) with breaker shut
  • Electrical operation — test breakers equipped with charging spring motors for proper function, verifying remote shut and open features
  • Primary and secondary injection testing — test current trip functions during startups and maintenance using OEM trip curves
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