Vibration Analysis

Improve reliability and increase uptime with IPS Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a vital condition monitoring service for motors and rotating equipment, detecting early problems with equipment. Left uncorrected, vibration increases stress on your assets, wastes energy and accelerates wear, resulting in failures, emergency repairs and costly downtime.

Vibration analysis can detect:

  • Misalignment or bent shafts
  • Lubrication issues
  • Belt issues
  • Worn or broken gears
  • Rotor bar issues
  • Faulty ball or sleeve bearings
  • Electrical issues

IPS vibration analysis combines state-of-the-art technology with our coast-to-coast network of motor and vibration specialists.

We’ve developed proprietary test methods, along with an extensive database of test results allowing us to identify and diagnose problems in a wide range of OEM equipment. Following analysis, we offer documented recommendations for maintenance and repair, as well as design and implement improvements for vibration correction.

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