Charles Blankenship

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Charles Blankenship

Charles Blankenship

Southeast Regional Engineering Manager

Service Center/Region: Rock Hill/Southeast

Charles began his career in the Electronics/Communications industry back in the late 80s after graduating from DeVry University. In this role he gained troubleshooting and diagnostic skills that he has used throughout his various career roles. He later obtained his Electrical Engineering degree from UNC-Charlotte and began his career in the electrical rotating equipment industry. He has worked with electric motors and rotating equipment for 20+ years in various roles and has an extensive knowledge of motor design and applications in mining and severe duty applications. He also worked with motors in other industries such as Hermetics, medium duty, variable speed, and large duty electric motors.


Charles’ knowledge includes, but not limited to; Design theory of electrical equipment, rotating equipment insulation systems, Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), Severe Duty motor applications, Manufacturing methodologies of rotating equipment, application of VSDs to electric motors and other various electric motor applications.


Charles is currently working on standardization of IPS processes and procedures within the Southeast region.
Training modules for various topics within IPS – DC Motor theory, AC Motor theory, Insulation systems and Explosion proof motor details.

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