Dennis Bogh

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Dennis Bogh

Sr. Application Engineer

Service Center/Region: Longview

Dennis began his career shortly after he graduated from the University of Washington with his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1975. Dennis joined GE and held positions in Field Engineering, Program and Project Management. Then in 1990, Dennis moved back to Seattle as an Application Engineer for GE industrial switchgear, motors, drives and control. As business needs changed, Dennis became the Senior Application Engineer for Motors and Drives for GE Power conversion in Western North America.


Dennis has written PCIC papers, spoken in seminars, provided tutorials, and been heavily involved in the electrical motor industry. He brings a wealth of experience to any project he is involved with. His involvement on the IEEE and API motor committees started in 1995, supported by GE and continues to be supported by IPS.

Dennis maintains his Professional Engineer certification for the state of Washington and his Amateur Extra Class ham license.


Dennis supports IPS’s Field Engineering and Sales teams with his knowledge and experience in motor testing, IEEE and API motor standards, and synchronous motor issues. Dennis also does motor training for customers on maintenance practices, motor applications, and synchronous motor operation. He is also a part of IPS’s testing team and regularly produces partial discharge reports for customers. His main contribution has been assisting customers with synchronous motor issues.

Presently, Dennis is working with Dearl Kite on the removal and installation of a 2500 HP, 30 pole ball mill motor.  The original motor failed the amortisseur cage. He will review the protection for the new motor!

Dennis enjoys spending time with his wife and children, supporting his church, and sailing with the Washington Yacht Club at the University of Washington.



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