Javier Portos

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Javier Portos

Javier Portos

VP of Engineering

Service Center/Region: Southern

Javier graduated from U.A.N.L, Mexico with a BSME and EE degree in 1990. He joined the Unimega-Hitachi Monterrey Plant in 1990 as an Electrical Design Engineer. In 1996 Javier moved to GE Canada as an Electrical Design Engineer with the large motor technology group. In 1998, he continued to pursue his electrical design engineer career with different companies. Such as, Louis Allis Company in Milwaukee, TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company as an Advanced Design Engineer. In his career in TWMC he held various engineering level positions including senior and chief electrical design engineering. In June 2010 he joined The National Oil Well Varco as a lead design engineering for motor and generators for the Oil and Gas drilling Industry. In 2012 Javier joined the IPS team as the VP of Engineering for the Southern region.


Javier has 30+ years’ experience on designing electric induction and Synchronous machines, his area of expertise includes design, application engineering, manufacture, high voltage insulation systems, test and field service for large rotating equipment. He is currently and active member of IEEE-112, IEEE-1349 (Hazardous location) and currently is working groups for API-541 (Induction Motors) & API 546 (Synchronous machines) standards. Javier has been participating for 20 years as an active member for API working groups and PCIC conferences. Javier has been a lead author of five PCIC papers presented at different PCIC conferences and has been a member of the working groups for IEEE, API standards and EASA.


Javier is currently working on several RFCA for large synchronous and induction machines for customers who experiences unexpected motor failures. Javier is also traveling deliver trainings for customers. Some of his training topics include but are not limited to engineering service solutions, motor 101 webinars, API 541, 546, IEEE841 motor specification review and comparison, electric motor theory and IPS HV rewind capabilities and maintenance best practices for large rotating equipment.

In Javier’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.



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