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Marcus Orders

Senior Engineer, Electric motors

Service Center/Region: Rock Hill/Southeast

Marcus graduated from University of North Carolina Charlotte with BS Electrical Engineering Technology. Following graduation, Marcus joined Reliance Electric, where he became the engineering manager of large DC motors / generators for 14 years. He held various other engineering roles at Rockwell Automation. Later, Marcus was promoted to engineering manager for small and medium AC motor products for three years at the headquarters in Greenville, SC. Marcus then joined Baldor Electric as the quality assurance manager at primary large AC and DC motor factory in North America. Marcus was the production manufacturing manager for the ABB Shelby, NC factory. He was responsible for the transfer of ABB large DC motor products for Europe to the USA and startup of the ABB factory in Shelby for four years. He later became the Global DC motor product marketing manager for all ABB, Baldor, and Reliance DC motors ranging from 1/50 HP to 3200 HP for three years. He then became the global sales manager for large AC induction motors manufactured in NAM market and transferred to all global markets worldwide at for two years. He then was promoted to regional sales manager for large AC motors / generators for all western region USA for two years. Marcus is currently the DC motor consultant for IPS USA as well as the IPS Southeast region service and sales engineer.


Marcus has 38+ years of motor engineering design, manufacturing, product marketing and sales experience in DC and AC motor products with Reliance Electric, Rockwell Automation, Baldor, and ABB.

Marcus acquired the American Society of Quality Engineers Six Sigma Blackbelt certification during his tenure with Rockwell Automation.


Marcus is currently training all IPS Southeast service centers with DC motor design, application, and maintenance best practices.

In his spare time, Marcus enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting the elusive black bear.


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