Papa Diouf, P.E.

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Papa Diouf, P.E.

Papa Diouf, P.E.

Southeast Regional Engineering Manager

Service Center/Region: Rock Hill/Southeast

Papa started his career as a manufacturing engineer in automation, building semi-automated machines for five years. Papa then worked for Dodge Industrial under Baldor Electric as a manufacturing engineer developing and maintaining programs for CNC machines at the Columbus, Indiana bearing and gear plant. While Papa worked for Dodge Industrial, he designed fixture and tooling to improve processes. A little over a year Papa transferred into R&D in the bearing group in Greenville, SC. For six years, Papa was the development engineer for hydrodynamic fluid film bearings. He designed plain bearings, journal bearing, graphite bearing, thrust bearing from tapered land to thrust pad types, seals, etc. for various applications. Papa then joined the Reliance motor plant under ABB as a senior mechanical engineer for large NEMA AC induction motors 250 to 5000 HP. For nine years he performed mechanical analysis (stress, fatigue, rotor dynamic, bearing, fan, etc.), shaft and bearing selection. Papa worked with R&D, sales and marketing to support new products development. He joined Powertec Industrial Motors, as a senior mechanical engineer for Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor, standard DC motor and AC induction motors up to 400 HP and rated speed up 16000 rpm. Papa performed all mechanical analysis including structural, thermal, rotor dynamic, material selection and design optimization on new motor designs. Papa joined IPS in April of 2022 as southeast regional engineer manager.


Papa has professional engineering licenses in South Carolina (ID #29992) and North Carolina (ID #053334). He also is a certified vibration analyst ISO CAT III and an ASNT level II certified in ultrasonic inspection. He has published several papers in IEEE conferences, in the journal of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, and in the Machine Design Magazine. Papa is a member of IEEE since 2013. He holds 1 US patent 11342808 Well Damped Motor and 1 pending patent on Sleeve Bearing Cartridge for 5000 and 5800 NEMA frame size motor.

Papa’s area of expertise is hydrodynamic bearings, antifriction bearings, rotor dynamic analysis, vibration analysis, troubleshooting electric motors failure, process improvement, machine design and new product development.


Papa provides mechanical engineering support to the Southeast IPS shops including the field service team. He is currently responsible for the IPS CIPS (Continuous Improvement Process System) program and the implementation of the IPS ONEWAY specification tool for the Rock Hill service center.

Papa is originally from Senegal (West Africa). He has been living in the USA since 2000. He became a US citizen in 2012. Papa has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Papa resides in the greater Charlotte area with his wife and three kids.

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