Patrick Politowicz

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Patrick Politowicz

Patrick Politowicz

Mechanical Engineer

Service Center/Region: Cleveland, OH

Patrick graduated from Ohio State University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. While at Ohio State, he participated in the FEH Robot Competition. Worked with a team of students to create a robot that was able to complete various tasks in a limited amount of time. Patrick began working at IPS in June of 2017. Since starting, he has attended vibration training and received level III certification. He has traveled to many customer sites and has experience with many different customer bases. His current responsibilities consist of reverse engineering parts and components, laser measurements and alignments, redesigning mechanical components and vibration analysis and diagnostics.


Patrick has 5 years of experience in redesigning motors, SolidWorks, reverse engineering, and mechanical systems. Patrick also reverse engineered a 3000HP and 2400 KW DC field frame, a 2500HP DC armature, and a 5000HP AC sync motor. He also modified a 1500HP motor base for a 1250HP motor and field balanced a 3500HP net gas compressor motor.


Patrick’s current work projects consist of converting Westinghouse diode wheel to use EM components, replacing amortisseur connections on a Fairbanks Morse synchronous motor, gusset modifications on a 200,000 lb. steel mill armature and aluminum die cast rotor conversion to welded bar and end ring design for a safety related nuclear motor.

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