Shahram Negari

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Shahram Negari

Shahram Negari

Sr. VP of Engineering

Service Center/Region: Cleveland, OH

Shahram received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ryerson University, then pursued his graduate studies and obtained his Master’s and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ryerson University. Shahram started his professional career with Fan Generator Industrial Group, a licensee of Siemens AG Germany. FGIG manufactured H-Compact motors under license of Siemens, asynchronous doubly-fed generators under license of Weier-Electric Germany and provided repair and rewind services for various types of electric machines including both DC and AC motors, generators, and transformers (dry type and oil-immersed), and traction motors.

He then joined BKAG, a Swiss conglomerate, specializing in high voltage and extra high voltage cables and accessories for UGT, substation, and powerplant markets. During his tenure, he worked on numerous projects in various countries including Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, US, Canada, ME, and EU.

Prior to joining IPS MCO earlier in 2022, Shahram worked with umlaut (part of Accenture) a multinational engineering and consultation firm. Grid services, renewables, e-mobility, and T&D are among key focus areas of the energy engineering group.


Shahram has years of experience in electric machines and HV insulation systems, T&D power systems, power electronics, EPC contracts, and in simulation and coding. Among notable projects are rewinding two 250 MVA, 18 KV generators, and rewinding 200 MVA, 230 KV oil-immersed transformer, reverse engineering a 16 MW 13.2 KV turbo-generator, La Loma 500 kV substation, 230 kV La Planicie UGT, 270 kV Long Spruce Generating Station and 115 kV connection Hilcrest.

Shahram is a licensed professional engineer (PE) in the states of California and Washington, and a Senior Member of IEEE (SMIEEE).


Shahram is currently supervising all engineering operations, processes, and insulation system design verification for the north region.



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