Shanna Blatz

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Shanna Blatz

Engineering Manager

Service Center/Region: Riverview

Shanna started her career in Engineering in 1988 when she joined Mobil Oil Corporation as a Corrosion Engineer.  She worked with Mobil Oil Corporation for 10 years, and in 1998 she joined Chrysler Group LL as a Cooling Engineer. In this role, she initiated solutions to manufacturing issues on the Jeep Wrangler product line. In 2001 Shanna joined E-One as a Chassis Engineering Supervisor, Shanna held this role for five years until she joined TAW as a Mechanical Design Engineer in 2006. While continuing in the Mechanical design arena, Shanna also performs the duties of Engineering Manager since 2019, supervising 9 engineers with Electrical, Mechanical, and Programming skill sets. In 2022 IPS acquired TAW and Shanna is currently to Engineer Manager for the Riverview Service Center.


Shanna received her Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering, and also her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Shanna’s skill set includes switchgear design as it relates to bus design, structural sleds for the mining industries, Power equipment centers (Enclosures) rated for high wind situations like in Florida, and a broad knowledge of cooling systems and hydraulics.


Shanna is currently involved with a 2MW genset build out and a high wind enclosure with a Bypass cabinet for Blue Origin. She also provides continuous support to the Sales Group to provide technical expertise when quoting jobs.

When she’s not working on interesting projects at CE, she delves into home projects at her own home or helping her kids make repairs and updates at their homes. She also remains active in sports, rather its boot camp or competitive swimming. Her first priority is to squeeze in as much time as well with her granddaughter.

O: 813-621-5661 x50941, M: 813-494-2690


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