Truong “Tom” Nguyen

Meet the Engineering Team  |  Truong “Tom” Nguyen

Truong “Tom” Nguyen

Electrical Engineer

Service Center/Region: Cleveland, OH

Truong Nguyen, also known as Tom, started his professional career in the oil service industry starting with Halliburton Energy Services from 2007 to 2015, Winchester Energy from 2015 to 2017, and C&J Energy Service from 2017-2021. He held positions in Associated Technical Professional, Technical Professional, Sr. Technical Professional, Area Technical Professional, Account Representative, Cement Software Champion, and his last position was a Cement Consultant for Shell Alaska Drilling project at Halliburton. He was recognized as MVP for his accomplishment for the Cement Software at Halliburton. Tom was a Support Engineer at Winchester and was responsible for research, database analyst for oil reservoir, and manage company network. At C&J, Tom was a District Engineer that was responsible for the Northeast Region in the US. During the oil service downturn, he maintained and increase market share by 15% for the Northeast Region.

In August 2021, Tom joined Integrative Power Service as an Electrical Engineer for the Midwest Region. He is undergoing intensive training under the guidance of Don Dolence and Shahram Negari. His goal is to become a leader at IPS motor power electronics system.


Tom has two+ years of experience of analyzing databases for oil reservoirs, developing and setting standards for Basis of Design internal and external team, providing customers with engineered solutions while drilling high pressure/temperature wells in the Northeast, and assisting with tubular and casing design using technology, such as WellCAT. Tom has over one year of experience of collecting and computing geological information for reservoir research projects.


Tom’s current projects consist of utilizing project management with motor test stand and dynamometer installation. He is also responsible for the MCO VPI process and resign quality control, electrical testing, motor RCFA reports, and educating mechanics on the fundamentals of motors.

Phone: Office: 800.433.7801   Cell: 216.904.4775


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