NEMA and Above NEMA motors — Sales, service, repair, replacement, and expert recommendations

IPS offers turnkey NEMA and Above NEMA motor solutions. We sell what we service and repair, for expert recommendations.

These recommendations combine industry-specific experience and deep institutional knowledge about electric motors.

For a quote or service proposal on your NEMA or Above NEMA motors, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

NEMA motors — We keep it simple

Need a motor? We don’t need a part number.

Unless you have a specialized application, we start with whether you need general purpose or severe-duty motors from 5-500 HP.

Our distribution experts keep it simple. We ask a couple of questions, offer options, and make recommendations on standard NEMA frames for your horsepower and dimensional requirements.

See how easy it is. Chat with a real, live IPS associate below or contact us here.

Service and repair for NEMA motors

IPS offers repair or replacement options for NEMA motors. We do as much work as possible on-site, to minimize downtime, with comprehensive testing and maintenance.

We provide removal and installs of NEMA motors in our dedicated small motor repair shops. IPS technicians rebuild to OEM specification, but we also engineer and remanufacture for the application.

Our small motor repair specialists focus on low-voltage motors up to 690 VAC. These repairs cost less than a new motor and include an IPS warranty.

Service, repair, and replacement for Above NEMA motors

IPS is a stocking distributor for Above NEMA motors, handling every top-tier motor manufacturer. We carry AC, DC, and severe-duty motors for various industrial and commercial applications.

We specialize in medium-voltage and high-voltage motors up to 13.8 kV, with service, engineering for the application, and remanufacturing.

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VPI rewinds for harsh-duty applications

OEMs build to specification, so their motors may require additional engineering for the requirements of your application. IPS offers premium VPI rewinds for new and legacy motors operating in tough environments, with zero failures in our installed base.

NEMA and Above NEMA motor modifications

IPS offers complete motor modifications for replacement NEMA and Above NEMA motors. These modifications include shaft lengths, new bases for modified footprints, and relocated conduit boxes.

Asset management throughout North America

Strategic warehousing throughout North America drives a fast response to failed motors or planned outages. These warehouses provide scheduled, documented maintenance to keep your critical assets ready.

We store NEMA and Above NEMA motors in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments, with no resonant vibration to damage bearings.

For your customized NEMA or Above NEMA motor solution, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs