Customized control and power solutions for aggregates and mining

The IPS Custom Equipment (CE) group has almost sixty years of experience in engineering and manufacturing customized solutions for aggregate and mining operations.

All CE equipment is designed and ruggedized for harsh environments.

Our equipment meets NEMA 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X, and other specialty ratings. We also comply with safety and reliability standards defined by:

We start with a ruggedized steel sled

This sled is the basis of almost all Custom Equipment solutions for control, power, and power distribution. It’s designed to transport critical infrastructure equipment to the work site, with heavy equipment dragging it through mud and over rough terrain.

We build this equipment with stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel to minimize corrosion and extend service life.

VFD control sleds that move with production

Custom Equipment engineers and manufactures VFD control sleds for mission-critical control and reliability. These sleds are enclosed in environmentally isolated, climate-controlled equipment structures, and skid-mounted with isolation, bypass, and/or auxiliary equipment.

These are ruggedized, durable controllers, built to specification and engineered for a long service life. We customize for your application, developing multiple design concepts for review.

Available features include:

  • Low and/or medium-voltage controls
  • Power voltage up to 5 kV
  • Power voltage generating 100-500 HP

Talk to your local IPS representative about a mobile VFD control solution or contact us here.

Motor/diesel-drive pump sleds

Custom Equipment engineers and manufactures motor/diesel-drive pump combination units for years of service in harsh aggregate and mining environments. CE customizes these pump sleds for matrix slurry and dredge-duty applications.

We also offer optional control systems ready for onboard or remote mounting.

Constant-speed pump control sleds

CE pump control sleds pump or convey raw materials in mines. The pumps produce up to 15 kV and generate 5,000+ HP.

We offer a range of options, including full voltage, reduced voltage, and soft-start units.

For more information on our pump sleds and pump control sleds, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Customized power distribution sleds

IPS customizes power distribution sleds for specific environments and applications. We engineer and manufacture with multiple options, including:

  • Overhead towers
  • Rugged transformers power-rated to 15 MVA
  • Secondary switchgear
  • Primary voltage run-up to 69 kV
  • Secondary voltage goes up to 15 kV

For more information on our power distribution sleds, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Operator-housed matrix slurry stations and pit gun cars

Our operator-housed matrix slurry stations include operator-controlled hydraulic guns for use in open-pit mining. Slurry production for pumping to processing plants is a demanding application — our units typically provide controls for the entire matrix line.

We also engineer and manufacture heavy-duty steel sled-mounted pit gun cars for phosphate mining. These cars feature programmable operation, for learned mode and hands-free control, with multiple configuration and option packages.

Single-source capabilities for aggregate and mining operations

IPS offers additional capabilities that complement our Custom Equipment division. We provide single-source capabilities for electric motors & generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution used in mining and reclamation.

We bundle customized equipment with installation and commissioning, then provide ongoing service, repair, and replacement.

For more on Custom Equipment or IPS aggregates and mining services, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs