Expanded capabilities and resources for generators

IPS now offers expanded generator services for worldwide industrial, municipal, and commercial customers. These solutions include project management, service, repair, engineering, remanufacturing, and installation.

Our engineers and technicians offer decades of experience with the following:

  • Wind turbine generators
  • Large utility/turbine generators
  • Hydro generators
  • Industrial and commercial generators
  • Standby power

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IPS wind turbine generator services

We offer the wind power industry’s most advanced wind turbine generator rewind. WindGuard™ is our Class H rewind with a 60-year log life aging curve.

IPS engineers address the specific failure modes that cause premature failure in wind turbine generators. The result is a next-generation insulation system with the dielectric and mechanical strength to handle high-voltage transients and high-duty cycles.

Large utility/turbine generator services

IPS handles prime power turbine generator work around with the world, focusing on 20-50 MW service and repair. Our technicians and engineers provide testing and diagnostics, repair and overhaul, and complete retrofit and redesign.

We handle emergency repairs and offer 24/7 outage support, plus predictive and preventive maintenance to extend service life.

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Hydro generator service and repair up to 350 MW

The IPS Hydro Services group has completed 125+ major hydro generator rebuild projects since 2004. They provide engineering, design history, and technical skills for generator service and repair up to 350 MW.

IPS engineers increase generator output, efficiency improvements, rotor pole upgrades, voltage change, or frequency conversion. We also provide installation services, rewind, and mechanical services.

Industrial and commercial generators

IPS technical field services include generator troubleshooting and analysis, scheduled maintenance, and replacement. We test, repair, and provide on-site B-stage rewinds for stators too large to fit in a 14-foot VPI tank.

In addition to on-site stator and rotor rewinds, we provide complete generator disassembly and repair. We also repair and replace bearings, shafts, and exciters.

IPS maintenance, repair, and replacement for emergency standby generators

IPS Power Systems services and maintains critical power solutions for industrial, commercial, and municipal customers. As a one-stop power partner, IPS repairs and maintains all OEM generators from 5 kW to 4,000 kW.

IPS, via TAW, has been the Florida distributor of KOHLER® Power Systems’ high-quality products since 1986. Our technicians and engineers support all KOHLER® generators, including industrial diesel and gas, commercial, mobile, rental, and disaster response.

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IPS generator rewind technologies

IPS offers a comprehensive portfolio of rewind technologies for generators. These include B-stage hard coil rewinds and premium engineered insulation systems.

Our engineers have designed, improved, and validated these technologies with in-house and third-party design qualification testing. We engineer rewinds for the application, to mitigate electrical, thermal, mechanical, and environmental stress on stator windings.

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IPS has close working relationships with OEMs