Generator safety

When it comes to generator safety, IPS wants to provide its customers with all the tools necessary to ensure the safe and proper use of their generators. However, there is no substitute for professional support. In a generator emergency, we encourage customers to call 1-866-860-6267.

We have also included a few helpful safety basics below for your convenience.

If any questions or concerns arise – regardless of where you purchased your product – contact us here.

Portable generator general safety tips and information:

  • Review your owner’s manual, all safety labels, and other instructions before operating the generator.
  • Use only grounded power cords, insulated wires and cords, and secure connections.
  • Always contact your local IPS representative or a certified, factory-trained dealer for assistance with refueling or repairs.
  • The portable generator’s exhaust contains deadly, carbon monoxide gas, and must always be used outside, at a safe 25-foot distance from all openings to the home, including doors, windows, and vents.
  • Become familiar with local ordinances to ensure your generator complies and kept at a regulated distance from buildings and residences.
  • Avoid placing the generator near flammable structures or debris, and ensure its location is well-ventilated.

You are protecting your most valuable asset – people

Following safety precautions is critical to protecting yourself, your employees, and your facility when a generator is being installed, run, or maintained.

We provide a few useful guides to get you started. We hope they will help you better understand generator safety precautions, enable you to share these guidelines easily, and provide insight into the safety mechanisms built into KOHLER® Power Systems’ products.

With that said, know that our staff of more than 90 degreed engineers and technically-trained sales team is always available to answer questions, and takes your safety very seriously.

Built-in safety features

Some examples of KOHLER® generators’ safety features include an e-stop, which allows for immediate fuel shut-off and generator shutdown in the event of an emergency. If you’re working remotely, an annunciator panel can also be installed to allow you to monitor your generator’s fault and status conditions remotely.

These types of safety features and add-ons, as well as many more, can be found in the manuals that are packaged with KOHLER® products. In an emergency, however, these documents should never serve as a substitute for a qualified professional.

Safety begins at home

IPS’s commitment to safety begins in-house, with all employees receiving extensive onsite training.

They are required to wear specialized, protective, Arc flash, and flame resistant clothing on the job. They use only KOHLER® Power System’s tested and regulated products, which are built to protect customers and employees alike. Your safety is always our priority.

If any questions or concerns arise – regardless of where you purchased your product – contact us here.

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