KOHLER® Industrial Generators — Reliable emergency standby power for over 100 years

IPS Power Systems is the Florida distributor for KOHLER® industrial generators. KOHLER® has provided reliable standby power to a range of industries for over 100 years, including:

  • Commercial properties
  • Data centers
  • Government offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities

These generators are engineered and tested to meet UL, CSA, IBC, and NFPA standards. They’re available through the IPS network and regional KOHLER® distributors.

We bundle gen sets with installation, commissioning, and regularly scheduled maintenance. IPS sells only KOHLER® generators and equipment, but we service and repair generators built by all leading OEMs.

To discuss your emergency standby power requirements, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Turnkey industrial generator solutions

IPS provides turnkey solutions, including assistance with sizing and applications. We bundle commercial generators with the following:

  • Accessory equipment — Cables, cable ramps, fuel tanks, and transformers
  • Fueling services
  • Transport services
  • GPS locators

Generators rated at 180 kW and below offer sound attenuation.

KOHLER® diesel generators
These generators offer dependable operation, superior power density, and fuel efficiency. They’re EPA and code-compliant.

KOHLER® gas generators
KOHLER® also manufactures gas generators to safeguard power supplies. These generators are EPA and code-compliant and engineered for optimal performance.

For a quote on KOHLER® diesel or gas commercial generators, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

ATS ensure a smooth power transfer from the utility to the generator and back. We provide turnkey, customized ATS power solutions, from system design through startup to maintenance.

KOHLER® Automatic Transfer Switches feature:

  • Standard bypass isolation and service entrance configurations
  • Open, closed, and programmed transition operating modes from 30-4000 amps
  • Seamless interface with KOHLER® generators and switchgear
  • Ethernet and Modbus communications to adapt to additional modules and remote communications
  • Available certification packages to meet UL, CSA, and IBC regulations
  • Enclosures meet NEMA Type 1, 3R, 12, 4, and 4x standards, for flexibility in mounting environments
  • Bypass operation for downtime for maintenance on critical system applications
  • MPAC digital controller to customize firmware programming, remote monitoring, and control
  • Heavy-duty contractor to apply ATS to various configurations and applications

KOHLER® ATS accessories include:

  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Voltage surge suppressor
  • Line to neutral monitoring


For a power system design quote, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® Generator Controllers

KOHLER® generator controllers offer multiple configuration options to adapt to specific application requirements. Their versatility eliminates the need for additional components.

These microprocessor-based controllers work with automatic transfer switches and include the following advantages:

  • Tested to meet NFPA, UL, and CE standards
  • Seamless system integration
  • Integral voltage regulator to ensure power for equipment operation meets or exceeds OEM requirements for proper operation
  • Built-in alternator protection to safeguard the unit against thermal overload
  • Condition monitoring for T&D curves of coupled generators to reduce downtime and repairs
  • Emergency stop button to protect against catastrophic failure

You can implement parallel operation for multiple gensets, with remote access and touch screens, using KOHLER® PowerScan™ technology. You can also add remote annunciators, communications to SCADA, or user networks via the Modbus protocol.

For more information on KOHLER® generator controllers, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® Decision-Maker Paralleling System

KOHLER® developed its Decision-Maker Paralleling System (DPS) as part of its vertically integrated manufacturing. The DPS offers the following features and benefits:

  • Redundant backup power to ensure that critical loads remain online without overloading the source
  • Easy expansion to accommodate future growth
  • Complete power system management to run only the generators needed to support connected loads, saving on fuel, unnecessary usage, and maintenance
  • Runs on various fuel types

The KOHLER® Decision-Maker 6000 Controller handles load sharing and synchronization for up to eight gensets. This offers substantial cost savings for generator systems that don’t require traditional paralleling switchgear.

For more on KOHLER® generator controllers, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® paralleling switchgear systems

KOHLER® manufactures a complete line of paralleling switchgear systems to work with its emergency standby generator systems. These systems offer seamless integration with KOHLER® generators and automatic transfer switches.

Each KOHLER® paralleling switchgear system is custom-designed for the application. IPS has extensive experience with multiple configurations, including:

  • Closed transition
  • Paralleling to unity
  • Dead bus paralleling
  • Medium voltage

Our engineers and technicians provide turnkey solutions, from system design to installation and start-up to service and repair.

KOHLER® switchgear offers various advantages, including:

  • Compliance with UL 891, UL 1558, and CSA and IEEE guidelines
  • Available in certified packages — UL-listed and IBC-certified
  • Advanced load management functionality to manage critical loads in demanding conditions
  • Load management features reduce fuel costs
  • Wide range of circuit breaker options for downstream coordination of system distribution breakers within facilities
  • Custom options include a user-friendly touchscreen control center
  • Control center includes a USB port to export data, including fault reports, historical reports, and run reports to a CSV file
  • Modbus communications and protocol for real-time interaction between KOHLER® integrated devices and third-party applications such as SCADA or BMS
  • Ethernet connection allows remote monitoring and control

For more on KOHLER® switchgear, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® Sub-Base Fuel Tanks

KOHLER® manufactures a complete line of generator fuel tanks for code compliance and performance capacity. These tanks are available in different capacities with specific state-required options.

They also include:

  • Compliance with UL, DERM, FDEP, NFPA, IBC, and local code requirements
  • Inner and outer tanks with emergency relief vents
  • Flexible fuel lines
  • Double-wall containment system prevents leaks, allows for optimal fuel level, and peak tank capacity
  • Available with Power Armor Plus™, the KOHLER® textured epoxy-based, rubberized coating
  • Available tank markings and basin switches
  • Available three-alarm panel for high, low, and fuel leak detection, plus remote annunciation

For a quote, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

KOHLER® Generator Enclosures

These enclosures shield the generators from severe weather and reduce engine noise. They’re available on generator units ranging from 10-3250 kW.

KOHLER® builds these enclosures with acoustic insulation to comply with local ordinances and project requirements. They’re available with an insulated exhaust silencer for additional noise reduction.

These enclosures offer a range of benefits:

  • Available UL2200, UL, CSA certification, IBC Seismic Certification, California HCAI Pre-Approval, Hurricane-Related Enclosure
  • Wind load certification up to 186 MPH
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Industrial steel or heavy-duty aluminum reinforced with Power Armor Plus™, a coating that passes a 2500-hour salt exposure test
  • Sound enclosures feature UL 94HF1 flammability classification with optional Level 1 and Level 2 Sound Enclosures
  • Advanced door system and removable panels for service access to controls, fuel fill, fuel gauge, oil fill, and battery
  • Easy access to oil and radiator drains

Generator fuel tanks and enclosures must meet specific local requirements. We customize KOHLER® factory-certified generator packages to meet all customer requirements.

For more information on KOHLER® equipment or IPS generator services, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs