Industrial gearbox service, repair, and replacement

IPS single-source capabilities include service and repair for industrial gearing. We’re an AGMA member with the bandwidth you need, available at service centers across North America for effective regional support.

We combine work on gearing and other rotating equipment with services for electric motors, generators, and power distribution. IPS bundles services at scale, with fleet-level solutions and one set of terms & conditions.

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The value of industry-specific experience

IPS works in a range of continuous process industries. Our mechanical engineers and technicians know applications and the load they place on gearing. This experience includes:
  • Cement and aggregate facilities
  • Large material handling conveyors (above 200HP)
  • Paper and wood products
  • Plastic and chemical processing
  • Steel mills and steel processors
  • Tire and rubber plants

We service and repair gearboxes from leading OEMs:

We also have extensive experience with gearing no longer supported by the OEM. IPS reverse engineers when necessary, to produce gears and pinions for spare parts.

We also develop performance improvement recommendations and upgrade plans.

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Start with an IPS gearbox health assessment

We provide gearbox health assessments for critical asset management, insurance requirements, and annual budget support. We also inspect and test in response to equipment issues.

IPS can handle gearboxes up to 20 tons, with tear down and evaluation of internal and external components. Our field service technicians complete a visual inspection, take oil samples, complete vibration analysis, and conduct spare parts audits.

Our gearing inspections use the industry model for conditions reporting, with details on:

  • Housing conditions
  • Accessories mounted (backstop, lube pump, heater, thermocouples)
  • Internal gear and pinion conditions
  • Bearing conditions
  • Oil conditions (lubrication and filtration)

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Technical field services for industrial gearboxes

We provide predictive and preventive maintenance for industrial gearboxes and gear reducers, to improve reliability and reduce unplanned downtime. Our testing and diagnostics support planning for outages, while defining predictive maintenance tasks:
  • Vibration analysis
  • Motion amplification technology
  • Thermography
For recurring problems with misalignment, vibration, or thermal instability, we can install condition-based monitoring systems. IPS field service technicians handle equipment removal, installation, and alignment. They also complete bearing changes, cryogenic cleaning, and on-site machining.

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In-shop remanufacturing for industrial gearboxes

IPS service centers handle repair and reconditioning, reverse engineering, and remanufacturing. We test gearboxes “as received,” disassemble, inspect, and mark all parts and assemblies.

Our in-shop technicians check critical dimensions. If you provide drawings, IPS engineers will review them to ensure proper application fits and tolerances. We can recondition obsolete gearboxes or remanufacture with engineering for the application.

We operate a dedicated CNC manufacturing facility at our IPS Indiana, PA service center, for high-quality precision parts with short lead times.

For a quote on gearbox reconditioning, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Sourcing for fast gearbox replacement

IPS sells new gearboxes and gear reducers to replace obsolete equipment. We engineer for the application, working with new and reconditioned units, and bundling sales with installation and alignment.

When you need to replace gearboxes, IPS offers options.

We have a well-established supply chain for gearing, close relationships with OEMs, and strategic warehousing across North America. We also maintain relationships with companies carrying used gearboxes, ready for reconditioning and application engineering.

For replacement gearing, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

The expertise and resources you need

IPS is engineered to support reliability engineers and maintenance departments in continuous process operations. We know motors and generators, power transmission and rotating equipment, and power distribution.

In the short term, we can solve equipment problems. Over time, IPS mechanical engineering support can standardize maintenance to improve reliability and productivity.

For the detailed benefits of single-sourcing, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs