Chase Goudie

Meet the Field Services Team  |  Chase Goudie

Chase Goudie

Field Service Manager

Service Center/Region: Denver

Chase began his career with an emphasis on DC motor and generators. Chase entered the electric motor industry with Flanders Inc. in 2012 as an AC & DC motor mechanic/field service technician. In 2014 Chase was promoted to Regional Field Service Manager. In 2019 Chase left Flanders Inc. and joined the IPS team as a Field Service Technician. In 2020 Chase was promoted to Regional Field Service Manager, Western Region.

Chase has knowledge in complete disassembly, assembly, inspection, electrical testing, mechanical inspection, test running, and troubleshooting. Chase also worked with induction motors, wound rotor induction motors and synchronous motors. Chase managed a large field service team that operated in a variety of industries throughout the Western United States. Chase managed a large project at an aluminum mill in Spokane, Washington. He oversaw the removal and installation of an armature on a 5,000 HP 24 pole DC motor. Chase also completed an on-site rewind of a 3,000 HP induction motor.

Chase holds in ISO Category III Vibration Analyst certificate and PdMA Corporation in MCEMAX Basic & Data Analysis.

Chase has been involved with several projects in the air separation industry. Including retrofitting large synchronous motors for different positions/applications, to preforming preventive maintenance on every motor inside a plant. Chase just completed a project in Kent, Washington that included retrofitting a new 5,000HP synchronous motor that drives a centrifugal compressor. Chase is currently working on a machining and undercutting commutators on four separate 6,500 HP 10 pole DC motors at grinding mill in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chase enjoys spending time with his two daughters and his hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and motocross.



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