Eric Zeanchock

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Eric Zeanchock

Field Service Manager

Service Center/Region: Southeast

Eric began his career in the early 2000s in the electrical motor repair industry at Electric Motor and Supply as a rewinder and eventually was promoted to a supervisor. During his role as a supervisor, he was responsible for working with plant managers and coordinating incoming jobs, troubleshooting motors, and preforming various duties as necessary in the rewind department. In 2008 Eric joined Laron Incorporated as a Vibration Analyst. In this role Eric was on call 24 hours a day and he performed vibration analysis on rotating machinery. Eric also functioned as a Field Service Technician and continued to obtain the skills and training need to be successful. Eric joined IPS in 2011 as a Lead Field Service Technician and continued to obtain experience in the field until he was promoted to Southeast Regional Field Service Manager in 2011.


Eric has over 21 years of experience in the electrical motor repair industry, and 16 years of experience in Field Service. Eric holds knowledge in predictive maintenance, vibration analysis, motors, generators, electrical testing, project management, root cause failure analysis and reliability engineering.

Eric holds various certificates such as, Reliability Engineering Excellence, SKF/Baker Level I Analyst, ISO 18436-2 Category III Vibration Analyst and a variety of training certificates relating to electric motor/generator repair and testing.


Eric spends majority of his time supporting the Lead Technicians in the Southeast region. The Southeast Field Service team recently transitioned from the local level to the regional level. Eric and his team are currently standardizing all processes and work procedures to ensure customer satisfactory. Eric teams up with the Area General Managers to promote a safety-first culture as well as mentor and train on professional growth and development. Eric is currently working on a proposal for a large turnkey synchronous motor removal/installation, estimated completing in January 2024. This project will include engineering support as well as local and regional support.

Eric enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and riding his motorcycle. He is also an avid sports fan and loves to watch local sporting events as well as professional sporting events.

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