On-Site Rewinds

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IPS Onsite Rewind

On-Site Electric Motor and Generator Rewinds

IPS uses IntegraSeal™ B-stage hard coils for on-site rewinds of medium- and high-voltage AC motors and generators, including steam turbine generators and hydroelectric generators. IntegraSeal is the state of the art in high-voltage coils, offering significant improvements in dielectric and thermal performance.


Increase power density, efficiency and reliability

IntegraSeal packs more power, efficiency and reliability into highly engineered applications or older motor or generator designs. Every coil meets or exceeds independent third-party standards, including:

  • IEEE 1043 voltage endurance test
  • IEEE Standards 552 and 286
  • ANSI Standards C-50-10 to C-50-26
  • Certified to ISO Standard 9001:2008 with Design


Need more time before your next planned outage?

IPS field service specialists combine stator core diagnostics with a corona maintenance inspection. They also review recent and older partial discharge test results, applying resins to slow PD activity.

This buys your maintenance department valuable time before the next planned outage — time you can use to implement predictive and preventive maintenance, develop more power output with IPS engineers, and evaluate test results.

IPS uses EL CID (electromagnetic core imperfection detection) testing on all IPS on-site rewinds and as part of ongoing maintenance for extremely large electric motors and generators. For more information, talk to your IPS sales representative or contact us.

IPS Onsite Rewind

Onsite hydroelectric generator rewind
(10 MW / 6.9 kV / 171 RPM)

IPS Onsite turbine generator rewinds

Onsite turbine generator rewinds
(22 MW / 13.8 kV / 3,600 RPM)

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.