Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

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IPS Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Field Services

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
Keep your electric motors & generators running

Moving from emergency costs and unplanned downtime to planned maintenance cuts your operating costs. We can also help you lower capital spending with extended system and component life. Our IPS field service technicians use state-of-the-art technologies and test equipment for the most accurate predictive and preventive maintenance results.

IPS also provides end-of-warranty inspections for your repair or replace decisions. Together, we can deliver signification improvements in your operation’s productivity and return on investment.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Vibration & modal analysis
  • Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
  • Doble testing
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Operational Deflection Mode Shape
  • Finite Element Analysis software
  • Synchronous rotor diagnostics
  • Current analysis trending
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Motor efficiency testing

Preventive Maintenance

  • Vibration & modal analysis
  • Laser alignment
  • Cryogenic “dry ice” cleaning
  • On-site balancing
  • Commutator and slip ring service
  • Filter replacements
  • Lubrication programs
  • Equipment inspections
Motor Circuit Evaluation - MCE Testing

Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)

EL CID testing

EL CID testing

IPS Laser Alignment

Laser alignment

IPS Cryogenic Cleaning

Cryogenic cleaning

IPS adds Motion Amplification Technology to field service offering

This new diagnostic technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration invisible to the human eye. It quantifies any movement of mechanical or structural assets with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor. MAT lets us identify and solve problems in the field quickly, with IPS engineers reviewing the data remotely and collaborating with our field service technicians.

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.