Reliability engineering for air separation plants

IPS offers single-source capabilities for reliability engineers and facility managers responsible for operating and maintaining air separation plants. Our reliability-driven services include:

  • Engineering
  • In-shop remanufacturing (reconditions/rewinds)
  • Technical field services
  • Distribution
  • Asset storage and management

We provide application consulting and engineered solutions to optimize critical infrastructure.

One purchase order can cover your electric motors and generators, power management, pumps, and fans. IPS has extensive experience with these air separation facilities:

  • Air separation (ASU)
  • N20
  • Vacuum swing adsorption
  • HPN (High-Purity N2)
  • Gas O2
  • Cogeneration
  • Steam methane reformers
  • Hydrogen
  • CO2

For more on how we can help you, contact your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Local responsiveness backed by a North American network

IPS service centers and field service locations align well with air separation operations from coast-to-coast. Our close proximity lets us mobilize quickly. Our North American network gives us the ability to scale and coordinate all necessary resources and services.

We have extensive experience with application consulting and
engineered solutions. Over time, we enable customers to drive
fleet-level improvements in reliability and uptime.

Testing and root cause failure analysis

IPS performs comprehensive testing for critical infrastructure. Our electrical tests include:

  • No-load testing up to 37,500 HP @ 13.8 kV
  • Motor circuit evaluation (MCE)
  • Corona (partial discharge) maintenance for high-voltage motors

IPS engineers and technicians work closely with customer reliability engineers on root cause analysis to prevent recurring failures.

Premium VPI rewinds with a 5-year warranty

Where electrical shorting or contamination is a recurring problem, we recommend our engineered insulation systems.

We offer two premium VPI rewind technologies for stators up to 14’ in diameter. IPS engineers can customize both, to uprate or increase efficiency:

  • PowerSeal™ — for motors and generators from 1 to 7.2 kV
  • MegaSeal™ — for motors and generators from 6.6 to 15 kV

IPS also offers rotor rebuilds and complete motor rebuilds.

Turnkey services for rotating equipment

IPS technicians provide service, repair, and replacement for air separation pumps and fans. Our non-destructive testing includes vibration analysis and thermography.

Fits and tolerances are critical for rotating equipment. We perform laser alignment and balancing in the field, backed by complete machining and mill work.

Complete power distribution services

IPS now offers complete power distribution services with the IPS power management business. We provide comprehensive testing for motor controls, switchgear, and transformers, including non-invasive testing during operations.

Our electrical testing and maintenance focus on improving power system safety and reliability. These services include:

  • Low-, medium-, and high-voltage equipment testing, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Protective relay testing, calibration, and repair
  • Switchgear maintenance and repair
  • Control circuit troubleshooting
  • Arc flash studies
  • Power systems studies

IPS maintains a large inventory of new and surplus electrical equipment to keep your operations online. This includes circuit breakers, control parts, protective relays, switchgear, and transformers.

Asset management with documented maintenance

IPS can reduce unplanned downtime with professional management of your critical spares. We have over 650,000 square feet of strategic warehousing across North America, plus:

  • 24/7 response with fast shipment
  • Delivery with installation and alignment
  • Maintenance scheduled to IPS or customer specifications
  • Full documentation on assets customized to your specifications

The benefits of streamlined vendor distribution

IPS has a track record of providing the industry’s best service and repair for electric motors and generators. Our added capabilities for rotating equipment and power management give air separation plants true single-source capabilities.

We have the locations and national scale to lower your total cost of ownership. Plus, IPS offers master service agreements with established rates, one set of terms & conditions, and volume rebate incentives.

To discuss fleet-level improvements and request a quote, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs