Emergency standby power systems for government facilities

IPS Power Systems offers decades of experience installing and maintaining emergency generators for municipal governments. As the Florida KOHLER® distributor, we combine KOHLER® technology with consulting, engineering, installation, and commissioning.

IPS bundles generator services with engineering and installation of electric motors and VFDs, rotating machinery, and power distribution equipment. We’ve built our business on statutory compliance and improving critical infrastructure reliability and energy efficiency.

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Generator recommendations, engineering, and installation

IPS engineers understand regulatory compliance, pre-approvals, emissions regulations, and the energy efficiency specifications that government projects require. We work closely with developers and EPC firms on bid spec work for new construction or expansion.

We sell and install KOHLER® generators to meet specifications and budget. Maintenance supervisors know and respect the equipment, which complies with NFPA, NEC, NEMA, UL, and other national codes.

IPS services and repairs the equipment we sell so we match load requirements to the right generators. Our engineers and technicians assess space and application requirements, installing large generators to minimize footprints.

Our emergency and standby power systems also include:

  • Generator parts and accessories
  • Auto transfer switches
  • Generator controls
  • Tanks & enclosures
  • Paralleling switchgear systems

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Maintenance programs for more reliability and a longer service life

IPS customizes maintenance programs for specific equipment, application requirements, and operating environments. We service gen sets, electric motors, VFDs, pumps, fans, substations, transformers, and switchgear.

Our predictive and preventive maintenance reduces operating costs and postpones capital investment. IPS technicians and engineers also provide detailed condition assessments for insurance requirements and capital planning.

Start-up and commissioning for power distribution equipment

Our power management business offers tested and proven capabilities in power distribution services. These capabilities include independent, third-party power system start-up and commissioning services.

Our NETA-certified technicians test grounding systems, relays, and cables during planning and commissioning. We provide NETA-accredited acceptance testing to validate the safety and reliability of your new equipment.

This testing also provides a baseline for trending and data comparison during subsequent maintenance. We perform all testing in accordance with the latest NETA ATS Standard.

Emergency & outage support for municipal governments

People look to their municipal government for the first response during hurricanes, flooding, and other emergencies. When disaster strikes, we’re on-site fast with experienced technicians and the right equipment.

We leverage the scale of IPS and our North American network to ensure people are safe and bring municipal operations back online.

Experienced disaster recovery specialists

IPS has trained, experienced field service technicians to accelerate recovery from catastrophic events. Our NETA-certified specialists inspect power distribution systems using available documentation.

We also provide our emergency backup power, if necessary, before we reconnect your operations to the grid. IPS will inventory all equipment damage and recommended actions, including cleaning, test requirements, replacement, and manpower estimates.

Single-source capabilities for streamlined vendor management

Municipal governments deal with sustained pressure to run more cost-efficiently, cutting costs where possible and rooting out waste.

IPS specializes in delivering a lower total cost of ownership for critical infrastructure. Our services reduce the need for multiple vendors and help ensure a better return on investment for taxpayer dollars.

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IPS has close working relationships with OEMs