Hydro Power

IPS Hydro Generator Repair

Hydroelectric Power — Generator Repair Services

We specialize in single-source solutions for hydroelectric generators — repair services, field services and engineering, and distribution. Our North American network means we can deliver more experience and resources than local repair shops, with response times and cost advantages that larger, multi-national service providers can’t match.

Service and repair for all hydro generators

IPS field services technicians use a full spectrum of electrical tests:

  • EL CID
  • Corona probe
  • MCE
  • Polarization index
  • Surge
  • Hi-pot
  • Partial discharge

We also provide engineering evaluations with uprate and design services, for more power and reliability in the same footprint.  Below is a sample of our extensive hydro experience. For details on these or other IPS hydro projects, talk to your regional IPS sales representative.

Specializing in:
  • Hydro generator repair
    • new stator core
    • stator rewind
    • rotor rebuild
    • exciter rebuild
  • Rewind and refurbishment of rotating fields
  • Main shaft repair
  • Machining services
  • Generator uprate and design
  • On-site removal and installation

In-shop repairs for big jobs

We have the experience you need with large-scale projects, plus the lift capacity and equipment. IPS repair technicians manufacture new stator cores, rebabbit bearings and repair exciters.

We also provide complete machining services, with IPS Portland taking the lead on machining large hydro shafts and brake rings. We can remove old sleeves, manufacture new sleeves, and then split and weld them into place.

We also machine and polish bearing fits, and clean, detail and re-cut flange faces. Like every IPS job, our in-shop repairs meet OEM spec or better, and we document and validate everything we do.

IPS Hydroelectric Rewind

Hydro generator rewind  (45 MW / 11.5 KV / 400 RPM / 13′ dia.)
Each coil weighed over 100 lbs.

IPS Hydro onsite Rewind

On-site hydro generator rewind (10 MW / 6.9 kV / 171 RPM) using IntegraSeal B-stage stator coils

Hydroelectric field services

IPS coast-to-coast locations give you local responsiveness, backed by massive regional and national resources. Our dedicated field service technicians provide IEEE-approved electrical tests, cryogenic cleaning, vibration analysis, and other predictive and preventive services.

We also offer complete generator disassembly and repair, on-site stator and rotor rewinds, and repair and replacement for bearings, shafts and exciters.

Engineering – uprate and design services

If your operators use older hydro generator designs, offering limited power production or longer supported by the OEM, IPS can help. We optimize generators and components to increase power output and reliability in the same footprint.

If blueprints are no longer available, we can disassemble old generators, reverse engineer and then design, manufacture and install new components.


EL CID testing on hydrogenerator (39 MVA / 13.2 kV)

IPS Maching Hydro Main Shaft

Machining main shaft

IPS Hydro Cryogenic Cleaning

Cryogenic “dry ice” cleaning

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.