Metals & Steel

Metal & Steel Mill Motor Service and Repair

Metal & Steel Mill Motor Service and Repair

IPS combines single-source capabilities for metals and steel mill motor repair with locations in every major steel market in the U.S. We provide repair services, field services and distribution, from predictive and preventive maintenance to emergency repair services and outage support.

Whether we’re working on a VPI or B-stage hard coil rewind during a planned outage or fast-tracking emergency services, we deliver unmatched quality and service with lead times the competition can’t match.

Large DC motor and generator repair

We specialize in the service and repair of large DC armatures and field frames. If your mills run its large DC motors at 250% overload, you’re seeing predictable problems — we handle all of them.

We recondition and rewind large DC motors, with significant improvements in dielectric and thermal performance, as our processes and insulating materials are superior to those used by OEMs in the 20th century). We also diagnose and correct ground issues and carbon buildup on brushes, repair burning on leading and trailing edges, and remove surface contamination, such as pickling and acid damage.

AC motor and generator rewinds

IPS VPI engineered insulation systems provide the reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. We provide our rewind technologies with motor design and uprating, as well as mechanical modifications to enclosures, shafts, seals, fans and bearings:

  • PowerSeal™ Premium VPI rewind from 1–7.2 kV
  • MegaSeal™ Premium VPI rewind from 6.6–15 kV
  • IntegraCoil™ Standard B-stage hard coils from 6.6–15 kV
Specializing in:
  • Base fan motor repair
  • Blower repair
  • Coiler motor repair
  • Cold strip mill motor repair
  • Compressor motor repair
  • DC armature repair
  • DC field frame repair
  • Finishing mill motor repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Hot mill table run-out repair
  • MC motor repair
  • MD motor repair
  • Main drive motor repair
  • Mandrell mill motor repair
  • Piercer mill motor repair
  • Plug mill motor repair
  • Roughing mill motor repair
  • Starting reactor repair
  • Tandem mill motor repair
  • Transformer repair
  • Wire mill motor repair
Comprehensive Electric Motor and Generator Testing

Comprehensive electrical tests

IPS has the industry’s most advanced array of diagnostics, to validate recommendations, document “as received” and “as shipped” performance, and support one standard for quality coast to coast.

  • AC test panel to 7.5 MVA / 15 kV
  • DC test panel to 1,750 A / 1,000 VDC
  • No-load testing to 37,500 HP
  • Dynamometer load testing to 4,500 HP
  • 500 kVA Core loss testing
  • IEEE 429 water immersion
  • IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
  • Additional in-shop/ on-site diagnostics: Doble®, Partial discharge, EL CID, Corona probe, MCE

Field services for metals and steel mills

We can handle all of your AC and DC motors, including specialty motors and older, unsupported units, embedded generators and mechanical components — gearboxes, pumps, compressors and fans. Over time, our predictive and preventive maintenance can help you move from reactive repairs and unplanned downtime to more cost-effective, planned service.

Our field service veterans have spent years in mills and metal plants, troubleshooting, developing engineered solutions and keeping electric motors and generators running. IPS backs their tests, maintenance and repairs with some of the industry’s leading engineers.


Mechanical repairs

We specialize in mechanical services and mill work on large, highly engineered components. IPS repair technicians have spent years working on the mechanical power transmission components in mills and metals manufacturing. We also rebuild gearboxes, pumps and blowers. Our machining services include:

  • Lathes: up to 126” x 384”
  • Vertical milling
  • Horizontal milling
  • Planer milling
  • Pressing up to 600 tons
  • Diamond burnishing
  • Nickel brush plating
  • Flame spray metalizing
  • Sub-Arc/MIG/TIG welding
  • Bearing rebabbitting

Custom AC & DC motor manufacturing

Do you have an old synchronous or adjustable speed motor you can’t replace? IPS remanufactures both, as well as large and extra-large DC motors, generators, transformers and rectifiers — all to OEM spec.

Our national repair and service agreements with leading OEMs gives us access to their drawings, parts and engineering support. We can help when you need a replacement motor with a short lead time and we also reverse engineer older, unsupported assets.


Base fan motor exchange units

Deep inventory of critical spares, rebuilt to OEM specifications and available for delivery. For more information, contact IPS Chicago at 800.978.4559 or IPS Detroit at 800.992.9466.


Mill-duty motor exchange units

Deep inventories of mill-duty motors available, plus replacement parts such as carbon brushes and brush holders.

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.