Single-source capabilities for metals and steel mills

IPS combines single-source capabilities with locations in every major U.S. steel market. We know all of the industry’s motors and also offer gearbox, rotating equipment, and power distribution equipment services.

Our North American network provides fleet-level service and repair coast to coast. These capabilities come with one standard for safety and quality, plus one set of terms & conditions.

This is full turnkey service, with a deep understanding of legacy equipment and continuous process solutions. IPS has a track record of working closely with mill reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors, to improve reliability and efficiency.

For a free on-site evaluation, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Mill motor testing and diagnostics

IPS works on metals and steel mill motors every day, including specialty motors and older, unsupported units. We have decades of experience with:

  • Base fan motors
  • Coiler motors
  • Cold strip mill motors
  • Compressor motors
  • DC armatures
  • DC field frames
  • Finishing mill motors
  • Main drive motors
  • Mandrel mill motors
  • Roll-out table motors
  • Roughing mill motors
  • Table mill motors
  • Tandem mill motors

IPS technicians provide comprehensive on-site and in-shop testing and diagnostics, working in consultation with our engineers. Our electrical tests include:

  • AC test panel to 7.5 MVA/15 kV
  • DC test panel to 1,750A/1,000 VDC
  • 500 KVA core loss testing
  • Partial discharge
  • EL CID
  • MCE

IPS mechanical tests include:

  • Motion Amplification Testing (MAT)
  • Oil analysis
  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Vibration & modal analysis

We can include detailed reporting in a condition assessment plan and provide repair or replace recommendations with test results.

Large DC motor & generator repair

IPS specializes in the service and repair of large DC armatures and field frames. Mills typically run their large DC motors at 250% overload, which results in predictable problems.

We solve these problems with reconditioning and rewinds for improved dielectric and thermal performance. IPS technicians also resolve:

  • Ground issues
  • Carbon buildup on brushes
  • Repair burning on leading and trailing edges
  • Surface contamination (pickling and acid damage)

For a quote on DC motor or generator repair, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

AC motor & generator rewinds

IPS offers premium VPI rewinds to improve the reliability and efficiency of AC equipment in your most demanding applications. IPS premium insulation systems come with motor design and uprating, and modified enclosures, shafts, seals, fans, and bearings.

These encapsulated solutions improve on 20th century design and material standards, to run cooler in harsh, dynamic environments.

AC & DC motor remanufacturing

IPS remanufactures old synchronous or adjustable speed motors. We also remanufacture large and extra-large DC motors, generators, transformers, and rectifiers — all to OEM spec.

IPS engineers work closely with our technicians, using diagnostic technologies and advanced analytics to engineer fleet-level solutions. Learn more.

Our national repair and service agreements with industry OEMs gives us access to drawings, parts, and engineering support. We offer options when you need a replacement motor with a short lead time.

We remove, install, and commission AC & DC motors and generators, drawing on extensive experience with highly engineered applications. Learn more.

Technical field services for metals and steel mills

Our on-site support for mills leverages the scale and resources of the IPS North American network. We respond quickly to emergencies, arriving with trained crews, cranes, and critical equipment.

When a two-high goes out, we can source a spare. Our field service technicians know how to pull motors out of tight spots and we’re experts in moving permitted loads.

IPS field service veterans have spent decades in mills and metals plants. They also provide mechanical service and repair for gearboxes and rotating equipment, including pumps, fans, and compressors.

Our machining capabilities include:

  • Lathes up to 126” x 384”
  • Vertical and horizontal milling
  • Pressing up to 600 tons
  • Nickel brush plating
  • Flame spray metalizing
  • Sub-Arc/MIG/TIG welding
  • Bearing rebabbiting

Power system studies and analyses

IPS PowerServe offers comprehensive testing and assessments for power distribution equipment. These guide solutions to improve safety, power quality, performance, and reliability.

We will work with you to achieve and maintain NERC audit compliance, from testing and documentation, through reporting for the audit.

New product sales and parts

IPS has strategic warehousing across North America, with local, regional, and national inventories of critical equipment. We have master distribution agreements with leading industry OEMs, plus a network of used and surplus equipment distributors.

We also maintain a dedicated in-house CNC precision parts manufacturing operation, for OEM quality, competitive pricing, and short lead times.

For more on our single-source capabilities for metals and steel mills, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs