Nuclear Power

Nuclear Motor Service & Repair

IPS maintenance and repairs for nuclear safety- and non-safety-related motors and generators, circulating water pumps and reactor coolant pumps comply with all federal regulations and professional standards, including 10 CFR50 Appendix B and ANSI 45.2.

The power of predictability

Do business with one IPS location and you’ve done business with all of them — we have one service standard for safety, quality, service, value and commercial terms, coast to coast. We can help you standardize your maintenance and reliability processes across your nuclear reactor fleet with CIPS (Continuous Improvement Process Solution), our operating system and cultural framework committed to documented safety and quality.

Two locations, IPS Cleveland and IPS Shreveport, lead our engineering, repair services and field services for nuclear power plants, with these services available through all of IPS locations coast to coast.

IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System Completes Qualification and Design Basis Accident Testing.

We focus on safety and quality

Our programmatic focus on safety and quality make us well-suited to support nationwide nuclear safety programs. We offer complete in-shop repair services and field services for safety- and non-safety-related nuclear motors and mechanical equipment, including pumps, compressors and gearboxes.

CIPS, the IPS operating system, helps us deliver the highest possible safety and quality, with competitive costs and lead times the competition can’t match. The IPS Nuclear Quality Assurance Manual ensures that our work on nuclear assets meets or exceeds all customer specifications.

Our QA architecture uses the NUPIC checklist with all 18 separate sections of the 10 CFR50 Appendix B program, documenting policies, procedures and instructions affecting quality. IPS internal audits and our nuclear power customer audits confirm that we offer industry-leading safety, quality and lead times.

We welcome compliance audits by qualified, independent third parties concerning our overall performance, recordable injuries and their severity (our Experience Modification Ratio is well below the industry average).

IPS Nuclear Cleanroom

IPS Shreveport dedicated clean winding room with 12′ VPI


Technicians work on contaminated nuclear reactor coolant pump motor (8,000 HP, 13.2 kV)

Decontamination and hot shop services

IPS partners with selected U.S. companies to decontaminate nuclear motors to free-release condition for repair and rewind. When contaminated nuclear motors can’t be free released, IPS service technicians repair and/or rewind the apparatus in its contaminated state at our partnering facility.

Comprehensive testing

IPS uses the industry’s most advanced array of diagnostics, to validate recommendations, document “as received” and “as shipped” performance, and support one service standard coast to coast.

        • AC test panel to 7.5 MVA / 15 kV
        • DC test panel to 1,750 A / 1,000 VDC
        • No-load testing to 37,500 HP
        • Dynamometer load testing to 4,500 HP
        • 500 kVA core loss testing up to 30,000 HP
        • IEEE 429 water immersion up to 13.8 kV
        • IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
        • Partial discharge
        • Doble®
        • Corona Probe
Comprehensive Electric Motor and Generator Testing

Underwater AC hi-pot conducted on CWP motor (3,500 HP – 13.8 kV – 327 RPM) at 13.8 kV per IEEE 429 specifications

IPS Nuclear motor rewound with MegaSeal

CWP motor (3,500 HP – 13.8 kV – 327 RPM) rewound with MegaSeal™

Premium rewinds for CWP motors and RCP motors

IPS engineered insulation systems have proven their reliability and performance for the most demanding continuous process applications. Our rewind technologies are available with motor redesign or uprates, and mechanical modifications to enclosures, shafts, seals, fans and bearings:

        • MegaSeal™ VPI engineered insulation systems from 6.6–15 kV
        • EnduraSeal® VPI engineered insulation systems up to 6.6 kV
        • IntegraSeal™ B-stage coils up to 15 kV

Commercial-grade dedication

We maintain a robust commercial-grade dedication program, procuring all safety-related perishable items from audited 10CFR50 Appendix B suppliers. Our supplier audits include inspection and testing of all parts, use commercial-grade survey verification, source surveillance verification and supplier source evaluations.

Circulating Water Pump

2,500HP 6,600V rewound circulating water pump motor being prepared for shipment

nuclear cwo induction motor

CWP induction motor (2,500 HP / 6.6 kV / 257 RPM)

Emergency response and outage support

The IPS hub-and-spoke system of regional service centers means fast mobilizations to solve problems and minimize downtime. If you’re coping with an unplanned outage, we’ll have emergency repair specialists on-site in a hurry. They have years of repair experience in turning emergencies into just another day on the job, and they show up with the tools to have you back online with minimal disruption:

        • Rideout teams with portable 2MW generators
        • Complete test equipment
        • Critical spares storage — testing, installation and alignment
        • Motor, pump and gearbox management and storage

Predictive and preventive maintenance

Whether we’re performing scheduled maintenance, working within a planned outage window or responding to an emergency call, we bring more to the job — more engineering, more experienced winders and field services specialists, and more technologies, all backed by IPS coast-to coast resources.

We offer a range of services that plants with older assets find useful. These include predictive and preventive maintenance for safety- and non-safety-related nuclear motors, pumps compressors and gearboxes, plus training for in-house maintenance personnel.

Circulating water pump motor

Circulating water pump motor prior to winding (6,000 HP, 13.2 kV, 93,000 lbs.)

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.