Oil & Gas Repair Services

IPS Oil and Gas Motor Repair Services

Oil & Gas Repair Services

IPS has strategic locations across North America to support industry pipelines, with single-source service and repair capabilities for electric motors and generators up to 15 kV. Our industry experience includes:

  • Upstream (land and offshore drilling)
  • Midstream (pipelines)
  • Downstream (refineries)
  • Chemical plants


Single-source capabilities

We offer in-shop repairs, field services and distribution for oil & gas customers, plus asset storage and management, and custom manufacturing for drop-in replacement electric motors and generators, stators, rotors, armatures and spare spares.

IPS has extensive experience with all types of AC & DC electric motors and generators, from small units to assets weighing over 290,000 lbs.

Specializing in:
  • Induction motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Permanent magnet
  • Squirrel cage
  • Rotor bar
  • Vertical
  • Hermetic
  • NEMA and Above NEMA
  • IEC, API, etc.

Specializing in oil & gas motor and generator applications:


  • agitators
  • conveyors
  • degasser
  • desilter
  • draw works
  • generator sets
  • mud pumps
  • shale shakers
  • top drives
  • winches


  • compressor stations
    • centrifugal
    • Reciprocating
  • gathering facility
  • pumping stations
  • storage
  • terminals


  • alkylation units
  • cat crackers
  • cokers
  • cooling facilities
  • distillers
  • hydrogen units
  • reformers
  • sulfur recovery
  • water treatment


  • unit operations
    • chemical reactions
    • mixing
    • vessels
  • separation processes
    • filtration
    • distillation
    • condensation
  • fluid systems
    • compressors
    • pumps
    • valves

Reliability Driven Rewind Technologies

IPS offers two premium VPI rewind technologies for stators up to 14’ in diameter, which come standard with an industry leading 5 year warranty. Depending on the application, IPS engineers are also capable of customizing both VPI rewind technologies to uprate or increase the efficiency of your electric motor or generator:

  • PowerSeal™ — our premium medium-voltage VPI rewind for motors and generators from 1–7.2 kV.
  • MegaSeal™ — our premium high-voltage VPI rewind for motors and generators from 6.6–15 kV.

For on-site rewinds, or those stators greater than 14’ in diameter and too large to VPI, IPS offers IntegraCoil™ — our premium B-stage hard coil rewind.

IPS Oil and Gas Repair Map

IPS is strategically located near North America’s pipelines

IPS oil drilling rig motor service and repair

IPS is active in servicing drilling rings across North America’s shale basins

IPS Motor Installation

IPS field service team commissioning main air compressor motor

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.