Paper & Wood Products

Service and repair for paper mills, lumber mills and plywood plants

IPS offers in-shop repair, field services and distribution for AC & DC motors and generators in pulp and paper mills, lumber mills and plywood plants. We specialize in green rewinds, repairs and upgrades for the Green Motor Initiative, to help customers qualify for incentives from utilities.

More power in the same footprint

IPS repair services include rebuilds on refiners, refiner drive motors and vacuum pump motors. Our PowerSeal™ rewinds for medium-voltage AC motors up to 7.2 kV improve reliability for motors exposed to moisture, steam and chemicals (and include a five-year warranty).

The VPI technology, materials and craftsmanship that go into every PowerSeal rewind combine for dramatic, documented improvements. We rewind 5000 HP refiner motors and uprate to 5620 HP, to increase production at a lower cost.

We also offer a unique connection design for improved cooling and leaning. Lead maintenance is much faster and we do it on-site without motor changeout — easier to schedule and less downtime.

Specializing in:
  • Bark hogs, shredders, pulverizers and wood chippers
  • Bridle roll motor repair
  • Chipper motor repair
  • Colander motor repair
  • Fans and blowers motor repair
  • Pulp grinder motor repair
  • Pump motor repair
  • Refiner motor repair
  • Steam turbine generators
  • Vacuum, vertical and submersible pumps

Locations for emergency outages and short lead times

Our coast-to-coast network gives major producers one standard for safety, quality, service and repair, while cutting response times for emergency outages. IPS gives you the technicians, equipment and lift capacity to handle your biggest jobs, plus complete machining services and replacement spare parts.


Remanufacturing for old motors

If you’re running older, non-standard frame motors no longer supported by the OEM, we can help you with retrofitting. We perform fit-form-function assessments, take measurements and pictures to duplicate all critical dimensions, and then reverse engineer to build drop-in replacement motors.

IPS can usually improve power output, reliability and efficiency, without OEM involvement and despite the absence of drawings.


Predictive and preventive maintenance

IPS can help your operations move from reactive repairs to a managed program with scheduled maintenance and downtime. Our predictive maintenance includes:

  • Vibration and modal analysis of motors, blowers and fans
  • Motor efficiency testing
  • Doble and partial discharge testing
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasonic testing

We also offer dye penetrant testing to check fan wheels for cracks, pre-warranty expiration inspections, and engineering consultations on all motors and mechanical components. IPS preventive services include:

  • Cryogenic cleaning for blowers and fans
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Precision laser alignment
  • Lubrication programs

IPS field services specialists work closely with our engineers to develop supplemental maintenance programs — emergency and outage support, installed base evaluations and application/design solutions.


New product sales

We make repair or replace recommendations to lower your total cost of ownership. As part of our commitment to keeping your electric motors and generators running, we back our service and repair with distribution.

IPS is a master distributor for industry-leading OEMs, to provide the replacement unit or parts you need fast.

Turbine generator rotor rewind

10MW Turbine generator rotor rewind

pulp grinder synchronous motor rewind

On-site rewind of pulp grinder synchronous motor

Jones refiner motor for paper and pulp industry

Extensive Jones refiner motor experience

IPS services all industrial motor brands, including:

To learn more about our services or to see how IPS can help you, contact your local service representative or email us.