Single-source capabilities for geothermal power plants

IPS improves the reliability of critical equipment in geothermal power plants. We maintain, repair, and replace production well motors, generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution equipment, including transformers.

Our technicians and engineers combine field services, in-shop remanufacturing, and a North American distribution network. They work closely on electrical and mechanical testing, using the data to shape service and engineering recommendations.

Over time, IPS can reduce unplanned downtime. Our engineering for the application also extends equipment service life, including motors running above nameplate speed in demanding conditions.

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Technical field services for geothermal power plants

We specialize in testing and repair of production well motors — vertical hollow shaft units ranging from 300-1500 HP. Our technicians replace worn spherical roller thrust bearings in over-speeding motors.

IPS performs routine inspections during planned outages, using borescopes and completing various tests, including:

  • Partial discharge testing
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Tan delta testing
  • Doble
  • Wiring testing

The vertical shaft motors we service aren’t built for the application, which includes significant down thrust and harsh operating conditions. We align motors and check for excess vibration and oil consumption.

Large and extra-large motors go to our service centers for rewinding or remanufacturing.

Service, repair, and rewinds for 5-50 MW generators

IPS offers turnkey services for geothermal power plant generators. These include OEM-recommended maintenance, troubleshooting, bearing replacement, and exciter repair.

Our technicians provide Level II inspections and check for corona in windings. They work with IPS engineers on corona abatement to extend service life and postpone rewinds for planned outages.

IPS offers a range of B-stage hard coil rewinds and engineered insulation systems for on-site and in-shop rewinds. We recommend our premium VPI rewinds for harsh-duty medium- and high-voltage applications.

Expanded capabilities for power distribution

IPS has expanded its power distribution capabilities with multiple strategic acquisitions. Our Denver-Kingston Street service center handles service and repair on transformers up to 60 MVA auto/230 kV class.

In the field, we service and repair generator step-up transformers rated up to 3435 kV and exceeding 1,000 MVA. We also repair and replace switchgear, breakers, and low- and medium-voltage motor controls.

In-shop remanufacturing for improved reliability

We improve electric motor reliability to protect the pumps. IPS re-engineers OEM motors to extend service life, focusing on tighter tolerances, bearings, the steady bushing, and head shaft.

These details are important, as keeping production well motors running for a year is a significant gain. We can also provide service, repair, and replacement for rotating equipment, to reduce vibration and excess heat buildup.

A distribution network for replacement options

The IPS distribution network carries extensive inventories throughout North America. We have master distributor agreements with leading OEMs and a network of used and surplus equipment suppliers.

Our scale and purchasing power gives you the best pricing available. We also offer remanufacturing when there are no commercial options, with preferred pricing for master service agreements and equipment reconditioning.

A trusted advisor for reliability engineers and maintenance supervisors

IPS provides turnkey solutions for geothermal power plants, with the flexibility to work alongside internal specialists and other service providers. We have a track record in power generation and engineering improved reliability for customers who can’t afford unplanned downtime.

For more information on bundled services for geothermal power plants, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs