Turnkey hydro services for critical hydro plant assets

IPS Hydro Services is part of the IPS Renewables group. It provides turnkey solutions that include design upgrades, testing, inspection, parts, and repair services.

These solutions extend the life and improve performance of critical hydro plant assets.

The former GE and ABB Hydro Services team now leads IPS Hydro Services. IPS acquired ABB’s US and Canadian hydro generator rewind businesses in 2022.

The acquisition included ABB’s Beloeil, Quebec coil manufacturing facility and its Denver, Colorado service center (now IPS Denver-Kingston).

The unique qualifications of IPS Hydro Services

This is a dedicated, experienced group of hydro service professionals, completing 125+ major rebuild projects since 2004. They come with engineering, design history, and technical skills for hydro generator service and repair up to 350 MW.

IPS Hydro Services gives you over 250 combined years of institutional knowledge with the following:

  • Installation services
  • Generator rewind and turbine repair services
  • Generator design uprates/upgrades
  • Hydro replacement parts
  • Mechanical services
  • Measurement and control solutions

For more on how we drive reliability in hydro plant assets, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Hydro generator test and Inspection

Hydro generator performance trends downward over time, even during normal operation. Our Hydro Generator Test and Inspection Condition Assessment (T&I) gives you a detailed understanding of your equipment’s actual condition.

This understanding reduces unscheduled outages and unplanned repair costs. T&I includes:

  • Definition of baseline condition of units
  • Identification of critical spare parts to reduce outage duration
  • Identification of potential performance improvements
  • Recommendations to reduce O&M costs and insurance premiums
  • Recommendations to increase annual revenue and improve on-line availability

As part of our T&I service, customers receive a final report documenting the results of the electrical tests and visual inspections performed. We also provide immediate and long-term recommendations and additional proposed inspection schedules.

For more on T&I assessments, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Complete on-site service and repair for hydro plants

IPS hydro turbine and generator services include:

Generator services (dry end)

  • Complete electrical tests & inspections
  • Stator rewinds (up to 15 kV)
  • Stator re-wedge and repairs
  • Stator core restacking
  • Stator coil/bar manufacturing
  • Electrical design uprates and upgrades
  • Rotor pole refurbishment
  • Stator and rotor cleaning

Turbine / Mechanical services (wet end — partner)

  • Wicket gates
  • Runner repairs
  • Bushing replacement/repairs
  • Head cover repairs
  • Shaft repairs
  • Generator thrust and guide bearings
  • In-shop and on-site balancing

Our hydro professionals engineer increased output for generators, with efficiency improvements, rotor pole upgrades, voltage change, or frequency conversion. We also provide mechanical services, including shaft repair, welding, machining, and fabrication of replacement parts.

Premium engineered insulation systems for hydro generator applications

IPS offers insulation systems engineered to improve hydro generator reliability and performance. We manufacture all systems using qualified materials and ISO 9001-accredited procedures:

  • HV600/IPS HydroCoil™ — A Class F insulation system (voltages up to 15 kV), which incorporates B-stage epoxy resin-rich mica tapes and computerized manufacturing equipment. These coils and bars significantly uprate legacy hydro generators. Learn more about HV600 and more about HydroCoil
  • LV400 — A low-voltage (typically less than 7 kV) Class F insulation system for a wide spectrum of applications. Read more about LV400
  • IPS MegaSeal™ — A VPI rewind for hydro generators up to 15 kV and 14’ diameter. This system works for small hydro generators that can be removed and shipped to an IPS service center for rewind. Read more about MegaSeal
  • IPS PowerSeal™ — A VPI rewind for hydro generators up to 7 kV and 14’ diameter. This system is well-suited for small hydro generators that can be removed and shipped to an IPS service center for rewind. Read more about PowerSeal

The IPS acquisition of ABB’s Hydro Services business included ABB’s coil manufacturing facility in Beloeil, Quebec. This vertical integration allows complete control of coil and bar manufacturing quality and lead times.

IPS offers customized validation of manufacturing coils and bars, with standard and optional testing.

For more information or to request a quote, contact IPS Hydro Services here.

Power distribution services for hydro plants

Our turnkey hydro services include a complete line of power distribution testing, retrofits, and upgrades.

Combining IPS Denver’s transformer and switchgear services with our power management capabilities gives you remanufacturing and service for transformers up to 40 MVA and switchgear up to 38 kV:

  • Transformer service, repair, and remanufacturing
  • Generator protection
  • Relay testing and programming
  • Electromechanical to solid-state relay upgrades
  • Generator breaker testing
  • Breaker retrofits and upgrades
  • Bus duct testing, modification, and replacement

For more on IPS hydro power engineering, in-shop repair, field services or manufacturing, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs