IPS IntegraCoil – Checklist

IntegraCoil high-voltage Rewind Checklist

IntegraCoil is our high-voltage B-Stage Hard Coil rewind for stators from 6.6 kV to 15 kV. It is designed for a 25+year lifecycle providing winding reliability for stators that need to be rewound on-site, or are too big to fit into a VPI tank. We’ve installed it in over 500 electric motors and generators over the last 25+ years, in industrial applications throughout North America. Use this comparison chart to make sure that you’re getting the best and most reliable high-voltage B-Stage Hard Coil stator rewind for your electric motor or generator.

No. of Years 25+
No. of High-Voltage Rewinds 500+
Industries All
Winding Warranty 1 Year
Engineering & Technology
Voltage Rating 6.6 kV – 15 kV
Life Cycle Design 25+ Years
Insulation Class (Rating) Class F (155 °C)
IPS Stator Coil Specification
IPS Rewind Specification
Efficiency Gain Capability
Power (HP) Up-Rate Capability
Insulation Qualification Testing
IEEE 43 – Insulation Resistance > 1 GΩ
IEEE 43 – Polarization Index (PI) Ratio 2
IEEE 522 Surge Test >2.0 p.u. @ 0.2µs
Partial discharge reading typically < 250 mv
AC Hi-Pot
IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
IEEE 1310 thermal cycling
Coil Manufacturing
Stator coil specification type Material & Process
Ground Insulation Tape Resin Rich
Sealed Lead Exits No
Taped Coil Leads
Surge Test & Hi-Pot Testing
Sacrificial stator coils per Job Qty. 4+
Rewind Process
Typical lead time 6 Weeks
Rush lead time 4 Weeks
Dedicated High-Voltage Resources:
— Winding Clean Room
— Dedicated HV technicians
— Dedicated HV engineers
Calibrated Shop Equipment
Core Loss Testing with Thermography
— Before Stator Burnout
— After Stator Burnout
— Full burnout oven cycle reports
Superior Winding Techniques
— Insulating Materials
— Spacing between coils
— Blocking, Bracing & Lashing
— Series, Pole & Jumper Connections
— Lead Cable Material
— Lead Cable Connections
— Circuit Ring Construction
Bake Oven Cycle Reports
In-Process Testing:
— Megger™ per IEEE 43
— Surge Test per IEEE 522
— DC Hi-Pot per IEEE 95
— No-load testing
— Partial Discharge (PD)
Optional Rewind Testing
AC Hi-pot
IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
IEEE 1434 Corona (TVA) Probe
Blackout Test with UV Camera
PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)
Available post-installation testing
Insulation Resistance – PI Test
AC and DC Hi-pot Test
Surge Comparison Test
DC Conductivity Test
Capacitance/Capacitance Tip Up
Dissipation Power Factor Tip Up
Inductive Impedance Test
On-line and Off-line PD Testing
— Lifting Capacity 145-tons
— Core Loss Tester 500 kVA up to 30,000 HP
— Burnout Oven 16′ x 15′ x 20′
— Balancing Capability 40+ tons
— VPI tank 14′ dia. X 17′ Deep
— Bake Oven 14′ x 15′ x 20′
— No-load testing To 37,500 HP @ 13.8 kV
— Load testing To 4,500 HP @ 13.8 kV

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