IPS IntegraCoil – Process

IPS IntegraCoil™ —
North Amercia’s most experienced B-Stage high-voltage rewind

Optimized, qualified and documented high-voltage B-Stage rewind process

IntegraCoil™ is our B-Stage hard coil rewind for high-voltage AC motors and generators from 6.6 kV to 15 kV. It is our standard rewind technology for all on-site high-voltage rewinds, or when a stator is too big to fit into are largest 14’ diameter VPI tank.  IntegraCoil is designed to provide the reliability and performance you need from demanding industrial applications while supporting a 25+ year design life. Developed over 25 year ago and proven with more than 500 installation, the IntegraCoil rewind consists of experienced B-Stage winding technicians, optimized technologies, processes and materials which yield performance and durability that lead the industry. We test our stator coils, stator cores, resins, tapes, lead cables and insulating materials. We calibrate every piece of equipment that touches an IntegraCoil rewind — hand tools, VPI tanks, ovens and test equipment. Everything is qualified, documented and ready for your review.

Dedicated IntegraCoil high-voltage rewind resources

All IntegraCoil high-voltage rewinds comes standard with extensive engineering design and support, qualified stator coil and rewind specifications, dedicated facilities and veteran B-Stage rewind specialists. We do multiple IntegraCoil rewinds each year, meaning that our technicians and engineers are truly B-Stage rewind specialists in the repair industry and experienced with most industrial applications and environments. Our dedicated high-voltage service centers and field service crews are also equipped and experienced in dealing with large and extra-large motors and generators. This includes both on-site and in-shop rewinds of large stators weighing up to 145 tons.

Environmental controls for Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

IntegraCoil on-site and in-shop rewinds are offered across North America providing industry leading cleanliness and organizational standards to ensure best Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) practices. FME ensures rewind integrity, and prevents foreign material contamination throughout the repair process.

Coil testing before and after insertion

We megger, surge test and DC hi-pot stator coils before and after insertion in the stator core. We also perform in-process proof tests on the entire winding for added assurance of winding integrity. Sample coils regularly undergo IEEE 1043 medium-voltage endurance testing.

Rewinding for maximum structural integrity

IPS technicians lash at stator coils to surge rings, then block the coil heads by lashing treated felt material and polyester laminate. This ensures negligible coil movement in severe-duty applications, such as plug reversals or across-the-line starts. IPS technicians also provide superior series, pole and jumper connections that provided increased reliability to every rewind.  We also hand tape our circuit rings for increased winding reliability.

Reliability. Delivered.

All IntegraCoil designs meet or exceed applicable industry standards including IEEE, NEMA and ANSI.  Our trained and experience winding technicians lead the industry in having performed more than 500 high-voltage B-Stage rewinds.  Our engineers have defined the materials and processes to deliver the reliability you need from your IntegraCoil rewind.

Burnout Oven

Core Loss Testing - Comprehensive Electric Motor and Generator Testing

Core loss testing

IntegraCoil B-stage hard coil rewind

IntegraCoil B-stage hard coil rewind

Completed IntegraCoil B-Stage hard coil rewind

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