IPS IntegraCoil — Testing

Quality Assurance —
Documented and ready for verification

For every IntegraCoil rewind, IPS conducts in process and post rewind testing on every motor and generator. Every IntegraCoil rewind comes with the following testing and documentation:

IntegraCoil design qualification testing meets or exceeds the following:

  • IEEE 522 Surge Testing
  • IEEE-286 Power Factor Tip-Up
  • IEEE-1043 Voltage Endurance
  • ANSI-C50.10 Standards

In-process testing for all IntegraCoil stator rewinds:

  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (EL CID)
  • Core loss test with IR thermography
    — Before and after burnout process
  • Insulation Resistance per IEEE 43 specification
    — Insulation resistance (Megger® Test)
    — Polarization Index (PI)
  • Turn insulation test (surge test)
    — per IEEE 522 specification
  • DC Hi-Pot Test
  • Phase balance test
  • Oven temperature cycle reports
  • Partial Discharge Testing to IEEE 1434
    — Corona (TVA) Probe
    — Blackout test
    — UV Camera testing

Optional tests available for IntegraCoil rewinds:

  • No-Load and Load Testing up to 13.8 kV
  • AC Hi-Pot Test
  • IEEE 1043 voltage endurance test
  • Power Factor Tip Up/Dissipation Factor per IEEE 286
  • Doble® Test
  • PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
  • ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)

Available post-Installation testing for IntegraCoil rewinds:

  • Insulation Resistance – PI Test
  • AC and DC Hipot Test
  • Surge Comparison Test
  • DC Conductivity Test
  • Capacitance/Capacitance Tip Up
  • Dissipation Power Factor Tip Up
  • Inductive Impedance Test
  • PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCEmax) Testing
  • ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)
  • On-line and Off-line Partial Discharge (PD) Testing
IEEE-1043 voltage endurance life test

IEEE-1043 Voltage Endurance Testing

Partial Discharge UV camera testing

Partial Discharge UV Camera testing

ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)

ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)

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