Integrated Power Services Growing in Power Management While Expanding Its Electromechanical Service Offering

IPS announces a new mission, vision, and tagline, representing its expanded service offering and focus on revolutionizing power reliability for customers

(Greenville, SC — December 16, 2022) IPS, a North American leader of single-source solutions for industrial and commercial power and mechanical processes, continues to deepen its offering in electromechanical services for electric motors and generators. IPS has made several acquisitions this past year intended to grow its service offering in power management by adding National Switchgear, National Field Service, ABB’s former transformer repair center, and TAW’s NETA field services and standby power generation services. To reflect this broader offering, IPS is introducing a new vision, mission, and tagline matching its expanded service offering and value to customers.

The new vision, mission, and tagline are inspired by this growth and better represent IPS’s continued commitment to offering an Unmatched Customer Experience.

Mission: We revolutionize equipment and process reliability.

The new mission statement reflects IPS’s focus on delivering customers innovative and reliable solutions. With services spanning electrical power generation to transmission, transformers to switchgear and breakers, to controls and electric motors, IPS aspires to become a trusted advisor to resolve customers’ biggest reliability challenges.

Vision: To redefine reliability for customers

The new vision statement is a clear intention to offer customers a new level of process uptime assurance. IPS has a service offering few others have in North America with a broad network of local talent to service customers. Combined with over one hundred degreed engineers, IPS offers customers a single-source partner with a technical platform to improve their reliability and process uptime.

Tagline: Respond. Rethink. Resolve.

IPS’s previous tagline, “Reliability. Delivered.” no longer reflects what customers are seeking from a provider. Its broad network and industry-leading people talent allow IPS to be more responsive to urgent customer needs. In responding, IPS’s mission and promise to customers is to go further and help them see problems and solutions from a broader technical service perspective. IPS wants to leave customers feeling that their toughest challenges and the process of managing these challenges can be solved by working with IPS.

“Over the last several years, Integrated Power Services has built a reputation as a trusted advisor for electric motors and generators. With our expansion into power management services, we are seeing customer problems in new ways and developing more innovative solutions. Our new mission, vision, and tagline expresses our commitment to revolutionize reliability for our customers while also reflecting the values shared by over 1,800+ employees that have helped IPS to grow over the last 15 years,” said John Zuleger, IPS President and CEO.

For more information or to arrange an interview with IPS senior management, contact Megan Thompson, IPS Director of Marketing, at 864.451.5636 or [email protected].

About Integrated Power Services

IPS is the leading North American solution provider for driven equipment and power management systems. The company serves over 10,000 customer locations across a wide range of end uses, including power generation, utilities, water and wastewater, petrochemicals, air separation, oil & gas, metals, mining, paper, aggregates, cement, hospitals, universities, commercial buildings, and data centers. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, IPS has the industry’s largest network of locations, with repair centers, distribution centers and field service offices across North America, combining industry-specific experience with comprehensive engineering resources to deliver reliability to customers.


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