IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System Completes Qualification and Design Basis Accident Testing

System Environmentally Qualified through operating voltages up to 7.2 kV

Greenville, SC — February 04, 2019) The North American leader in engineered solutions for electric motor and generator repair services has raised the bar again, completing Environmental Qualification (EQ) of its Class F+ and Class H medium-voltage nuclear insulation systems for use in Class 1E applications. IPS is the first US company in many years to complete full Environmental Qualification testing for a custom-engineered nuclear insulation system.

The nuclear safety-related motor insulation system completed testing in January 2019, simulating the worst credible conditions throughout its operating service life and ending with a Design Basis Accident condition at a nuclear power plant in compliance with 10CRF50.49 and NRC 1.89 standards.

The system is qualified to 7,200 V. Completed testing confirms the insulation system’s ability to survive and pass the conditions of the industry’s most demanding operating environment.

IPS developed the Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System by building from their UL-qualified, patented PowerSeal™ and MegaSeal® Premium VPI rewind technologies. IPS has experienced zero rewind failures since assuming operations in 2007, with over 10,000 rewinds completed.

The IPS PowerSeal and MegaSeal insulation systems are UL-qualified with a 40-year log life aging curve. The IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System extends that service life to 60 years— 50% longer than the previous industry benchmark.

Engineered to survive beyond 10CFR50.49 and NRC 1.89 requirements

IPS subjected the test specimens to qualification testing that exceeded all regulatory requirements for Class 1E, EQ operating conditions.

Summary of Qualification Testing:

  • Qualified per IEEE 334-2006, IEEE 323-1974/1983/2003, 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1 (2008/9),
  • Qualified Operating Life: 60 years – Rated voltage 7,200 V
  • Motor Functional Tests: IAW IEEE Standards 43-2000, 95-2002, 522-2004 and 112-2004
  • Normal + Accident Radiation: 70 MRads gamma
  • Normal Operating Humidity: 10-95%
  • Accident Operation: Energized at 1.15 X rated voltage
  • Accident Temperature Peak: 360° F ambient plus 144° F heat rise (total 504° F)
  • Accident Pressure Peak: 40 psig
  • Accident Humidity: 100% condensing
  • Post-Accident Operability Time: 6 months

The reliability nuclear power plants demand

This Class F+ and Class H nuclear EQ motor insulation system is a full class rating better than current competitive technologies. It’s engineered to ensure that it will survive and succeed the worst credible operating and accident conditions possible at a nuclear power plant.

“The IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System delivers industry-leading reliability that nuclear plant operators rely on,” said John Zuleger, IPS President and CEO. “This engineering achievement is another example of IPS providing engineering solutions leveraging our intellectual platform to provide an Unmatched Customer Experience in motor repair.”

For more information on IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System or to arrange an interview with the IPS Engineers who developed the technology, contact Megan Thompson, IPS Director of Marketing, at 864.451.5636 or [email protected].

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